Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E17 Review: The Honeymoon

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Honeymoon

Original air date: April 13th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

First—I’m glad Deke didn’t die. I like him and I want him to stick around for a while!  Also, how great was his drug-induced confession to liking Daisy? That scene was too funny and a nice respite from everything else going on.

This episode had a heck of a lot going on, and my favorite was May telling Coulson she loved him… in probably the most May-like way possible. I (and I’m sure about 99% of viewers) have felt they needed to be a couple for a while. This might be on my top ten scenes from the show. I like that they didn’t kiss; it would have felt out of character for both. May telling Coulson she loved him, getting him to “shut up” and then walking away was perfect. She also called him out for his reckless behavior, which I think might have been a nice talk before he went with Hale, but then we wouldn’t have drama.

May has always been colder and more reserved than the others, and it struck me that in this season she is the heart of the group. I’m not just talking about her and Coulson, but the way she has dealt with Robin, supported Daisy, and didn’t pass judgement on Fitz. Her time in the Framework awoke a softer side. I think Aida helped May. Allowing May to put her demons to rest (getting to save the girl), eased a burden off May and has allowed her to heal and grow. These changes in May are a stark contrast to Fitz.

Daisy is new at the whole leader thing and I know she is doing the best she can, but she put Simmons in a very difficult position. Giving Simmons strict orders not to let Fitz out of his containment cell basically forced Simmons to choose between her husband and her best friend. It isn’t a surprise she picked Fitz. Simmons was quite the actress this episode. (I mean the character Simmons- Elizabeth Henstridge is always amazing.) The way she and Yo-Yo broke Fitz out was very dramatic and left me feeling bad for Mack. There is a division growing in the group, and I would hate it if Yo-Yo and Mack become irreconcilably divided. I know what Fitz did to Daisy was reprehensible, but it did get results. I think these extreme behaviors show why Coulson is needed. He is the one that keeps them a cohesive group.

Looking at the previews for next week, we see Ruby entering the chamber and we see people being thrown about. Now this could be meant to mislead us—like the two are not related; maybe Daisy is the one throwing people. That would be nice. If it does happen to be Ruby, well WTF FitzSimmons? They are smart enough to sabotage the chamber, so they better start thinking outside the box some more.

Though I have a question—what if thinking outside the box leads to the end of the world? In the past seasons the world has almost come to an end multiple times—not in the completely cracking apart sense, but still there have been some major threats and every season the agents win. Good triumphs over evil and about (rough estimate) 85% of the agents survive. That seems like a winning formula– well a solid B formula– so why deviate? Is it that the team have begun to break apart that will lead to the world following suit?

I continue to remain optimistic; I believe our agents will find a way to save the world. If I’ve learned anything from Star Trek it is that time loops are made to be broken. I don’t care what Fitz says. He waivers back and forth between going to extreme lengths to save the world, to a defeatist type attitude and he needs to stick to one. I hope Fitz kowtowing when Ruby threatens death unless he and Simmons rebuild the chamber is just a stalling tactic. Otherwise, he’s belief that there was never another choice is wrong. If stopping the end of the world is dependent on stopping Ruby, then refusing to help,  or maybe blowing her and the machine up is a choice. Albeit a horrible choice, but a second option nonetheless.

I do think we are building up to some Hail Mary move and I have a theory as to how the season will end. The Destroyer of Worlds (right now it’s looking to be Ruby) will be sent via Monolith to the past—way in the past. When I say the past, I mean the beginning of time. An Inhuman combined with Gravitonium would be able to create a massive amount of energy—say enough energy to create a universe, to create a really big bang.


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