Shadowhunters S3E4, Review – Thy Soul Instructed

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Gaining little headway on the identity of the Owl, Clary, Isabelle and Alec focus on what is going on with Jace instead. Unbeknown to them, the answer to the mystery is right under their nose.

For the watcher, the Owl’s identity is revealed fairly quickly. Jace is under Lilith’s control while he is asleep, taking the form of the Owl to do her bidding and bring her sacrifices. I was wrong that Jace was merely letting the stress get to him– he really is the Owl. Lilith plans every nightmare during his sleeping hours to keep him exhausted and doubt his ability as a Shadowhunter. Thus far, the only thing to break her spell is Clary’s voice. Sadly, those closest to Jace are left in the dark as he refuses to open up about various alarming possession signs. Alec tries making a few excuses for Jace’s behavior including the possibility of mental illness. This only angers Jace further, and he pushes Alec away for the assumption. Considering how persistent Alec and Clary are, I’m sure they will discover he is being controlled relatively quickly.

Lilith is excellent at covering her tracks despite a few setbacks. While the Clave has a possessed Morgan in their jail, Lilith orders Jace to kill the girl. She wants to make sure no one can trace the possession back to her. He manages to remove her possession and let her live instead, but Lilith may soon change that. While she’s driven to resurrect Jonathan by any means necessary, she’s a patient woman. We leave her entering Magnus’ apartment, looking calm and collected like she’s about to ensure another victory. It’s frustrating to see Magnus so trusting– even if he can defend himself.

Despite the Owl’s attacks looming overhead, a violent vampire attack pulls Clary and Isabelle into action. Heidi escaped Raphael’s experimental jail and she is on the warpath. Unfortunately for Raphael, he reaches her first, and she’s all too happy to greet him. Heidi takes her anger out on him and quickly overpowers Raphael. For all the pain and suffering he put Heidi through, she returns it tenfold by chaining him in direct sunlight. Lucky for him, Clary and Isabelle hear his cries and rescue him from a painful death. Playing up the victim role, Isabelle almost believes Raphael’s reason for the attack. She’s too smart to be played and catches him in the Hotel Dumort. Even having strong feelings for Raphael does little to sway her morals. She asks him to leave town, or face the Clave for his crimes.

Vampires don’t have it easy, especially Simon who is currently living out of his car. A stroke of luck leads him to find a rent-controlled apartment right within his price range, and it seems as if things are finally looking up. The first red flag should be finding a rent-controlled apartment in New York: those don’t exist. While it looks like Luke pulled some strings to find him a cool roommate and safe place to live, a call proves otherwise. Kyle is the roommate in question, and a catch-up call with Luke has him parting with a concerning message.

“Simon belongs to Preatour now.”

I’m not sure what Luke thinks he did to help Simon, but it’s not looking good for him.

As Shadowhunters tries to find its footing within the plot, having Clary and Alec aggressively concerned over Jace is refreshing. It’s more frustrating to have them accept something is wrong and do nothing than try to be a helpful girlfriend and best friend. I think with the pair as receptive as they are, they’ll see Jace’s connection to Lilith soon enough.

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