iZombie S4E6 Review: My Really Fair Lady

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iZombie: My Really Fair Lady

Original air date: April 9th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers


I really want to love this season, but the last couple of episodes have seemed a bit choppy. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked the episodes, and I love some of the stuff going on, but the editing seems awkward—better this week than it was the episode prior, but still there is a disconnect that leaves me spending more time trying to figure out if I missed an episode or trying to piecing together what I do know, to come up with a cohesive timeline.

This week’s episode had some truly fun (and funny) moments—which are desperately needed as the show continues to grow dark. I know when we saw the zombie guillotine in the first episode of the season it was going to be used, but I didn’t think its use would affect Liv and the others. Mama Leona’s death hit the Railroad hard and I understand how Liv feels, but I don’t know if Liv should have taken up the mantle of Renegade. If Liv had eaten a different brain, would she still have done it? Or was it the thrill of the drama, fueled by the theater brain that prompted her into action? If that is the case, will she stand by her decision?

I did love the beginning in which the Rent-like play replaced AIDS patients with zombies, and the song lyrics, “twenty-five thousand six hundred zombies” (which I just sang out loud as I was typing) is something I want to be a real song—maybe this should be an actual musical. Right then I knew this was going to be a fun brain for Liv to be on.  It also gave me some ideas for the next time I must sit through sexual harassment training.

Liv on theater brain was hilarious; I loved her search for perfect lighting and playing to the camera. Her dramatic portrayal of herself for the documentary of the Railroad will help sell their cause. Levon Patch, the documentarian, Railroader and hockey player, looks to be shaping up to be Liv’s new love interest—and you know what? I like it. I don’t dislike Levon (Daniel Bonjour), if Liv is working with the Railroad I’m sure they are going to be spending a lot of time together. Liv aligning herself with them is also pitting herself against Fillmore Graves and Major.

I question Liv becoming Renegade, but not because I’m heartless. I think helping the sick and dying is truly a worthy cause—but I get why Chase Graves wants to put a stop to the creation of new zombies. The ones they have made are starving (or I should say the less affluent zombies are starving). Becoming a zombie is a solution, but only in the short-term sense. If there aren’t enough brains to go around—is becoming a mindless, starving zombie a better life?

When Fillmore Graves finds out there is a new Renegade, I doubt they will stand for it and will look to make example out of all of them. Both Major and Chase will be in a difficult situation if they find out about Liv.  I don’t want it to seem like I sided Fillmore Graves– I thought the whole idea of turning thousands of people into zombies last season was a stupid move. But I think not securing a source of brains for said zombies was also a horrible plan. It is like no one on the board of Fillmore Graves saw a zombie movie; how did they think the government would react?  With all the poor choices they have made—how was it that Fillmore Graves was ever a successful company to begin with? It is questions like these that make me miss Max Rager.

My favorite part of this episode—Ravi and Peyton kissed! There were some issues before, but I think they both have grown and should be together. Ravi dealing with the brain of a Heroin addict was both funny and hard to watch. Rahul Kohli did such a great job with his acting—wow. I like Rose McIver a lot, but I don’t think that brain and Liv would have been a good fit. Ravi struggling with it was an amazing story arc.

Speaking dealing with heavy stuff—Blaine calling out his dad as a child abuser was intense. We knew eventually Blaine would find out his dad was out of the well, but I just didn’t expect it to be so emotional charged. We knew Blaine didn’t have a healthy childhood; we knew Angus was not a caring father—but when Blaine is screaming, calling Angus out and Angus is just smiling… it was heartbreaking.  I hope Blaine gets to kill him.  Blaine has always been the sympathetic bad guy of the series—yeah, he kills people, but still you can’t completely hate him. When all is said and done, I want him to have a happy ending. His father—he can burn in Hell.


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