When Nerds Attack Reviews! MCU Ranking Part 1 (Podcast)


Welcome to a very special episode of When Nerds Attack Reviews, this is a one of a kind episode because we are not reviewing a new movie. This time, thanks to a suggestion by our fan Mario, we will be ranking our top 18 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in anticipation of “Avengers: Infinity War.”

I ‘am joined by Tom Hodges, an artist best known for his work in the Star Wars Universe and his own comic imprint “Antiis Comics.” Also joining us is Jay Shepard, who also is known for his Star Wars Podcast “Jedi Journals,” “Agents of Shield: Case Files,” and many more. Lastly, this is only part one because there is so much to talk about so we start from number 18 and work our way to number 11. Enjoy as we discuss our list.

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Host: Ernie Garcia

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Guest Host: Tom Hodges

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Guest Host: Jay Shepard

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