Ash vs Evil Dead S3E6, Review: Tales from the Rift

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Tales from the Rift

Original air date: April 1st, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I can’t believe we are now past the halfway point of the season. The wait between seasons is so long and then it flies by in a bloody blur. I always expect a lot of gore, a lot of laughs, and a little gagging with each episode. What I never expected was the amazing development that would happen with these characters (well, the ones that live more than a couple episodes). Looking back at where Pablo and Kelly started, there has been some big changes. They’ve stayed true to who they are, though the dynamics of the group constantly evolves. When Kelly kissed Pablo, we should have known a big upheaval was about to go down.

Well, Kelly getting possessed was a given (we saw it in the previews). Her dying first was unexpected. Though, Ruby needing a “host” for Kaya should have been a big red flag when Ruby said it a couple episodes ago.  That only clicked at the beginning of this episode. A true surprise would’ve been Kelly winning the fight. Not that I have a lot of practical experience in the subject, but if you have a grenade—lead with that.

I don’t know how I feel about her death. I’m sad because this is Kelly we’re talking about—but is she dead, dead? Or just mostly dead? When Ash first saw the portal, he saw Rachel (or her soul) trying to find a way out. My guess, Kelly’s soul will be retrieved and reunited with her body before the season is over. I will reserve mourning for then, if that does not happen. From an acting standpoint, it will be fun to see how Dana DeLorenzo portrays a Dark One trapped in a human body.

After all, Pablo is a Brujo Especial now. I doubt he will just let Kelly die, or let her soul be trapped in torment. I wonder if he will be able to sense that Kelly isn’t Kelly. I can’t wait to see what powers and abilities Pablo now possesses. I have been waiting for him to become a brujo since season one!

Each week, I ask myself: how are they going to top that? Last week, baby Evil Ash used Natalie as a headless meat puppet—this week we got a multiple head demon with a spinal cord whip… which effectively wiped out all but one of the Knights of Sumeria. We are down to Zoe (Emilia Burns)—want to take bets that she survives past the season?

Ash’s current plan is to shut down the rift in the cellar, and that seems to be part of Ruby’s plan as well. I wonder if they will once again need to join forces. I’m working under the assumption that Ruby and Kaya/Kelly don’t end up killing Ash. If they do join forces, it will most likely be for the season finale. Something will be sure to go wrong, maybe words won’t be spoken exactly as they should—or if the rift is sealed for good, are we looking at the end of the show. For my personal enjoyment, I hope that isn’t the case.

What would be cool is if the rift caught our heroes and transplanted them in another time or dimension. Thinking to next season (again, I’m making assumptions), how fun would it be if they went in an Army of Darkness direction? Or maybe dystopian future?

As for the near future, looking to next week, it seems Evil Ash will be all grown up and ready to chop people up. This, along with Kaya/Kelly doing Ruby’s bidding, there is no way Brandy isn’t going to fall into Ruby’s trap. Which is a shame considering Brandy just started stepping up her game. I try to remember things from her point of view—Ruby has been nothing but kind and sympathetic to Brandy. I hope Brandy sees Ruby for what she is, before it is too late.


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