Shadowhunters S3E2, Review – The Powers That Be

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With the introduction of the new baddie, Jonathan’s reign of terror in Jace’s dreams takes a backseat. Instead, we get to see Magnus in action as he passes down the role of High Warlock of Brooklyn.

A ceremony celebrating the new High Warlock of Brooklyn, Lorenzo Rey, is interrupted by a magical earthquake of sorts. It prevents the other warlocks at the party from using their magic and ruins the night to Lorenzo’s dismay. Up until then, it was a sweet moment for Magnus to show Alec off, but once the disruption occurred, Lorenzo immediately blamed him. In a private moment, Magnus reveals his father is the greater demon Asmodeus, hence the accusation. I guess Alec will be in no rush to meet Magnus’ dad after that reveal.

Determined to prove he isn’t so petty as to disrupt Lorenzo’s party, Magnus wants to examine the ley line under his mansion to discover the real troublemaker. Unable to use magic to get past the wards, Alec suggests they break in the old fashion way; with misdirection. Seeing the two team up was a fun change. Alec charmed Lorenzo enough for Magnus to get to work, even with a couple of close calls. In the end, Magnus finds it isn’t Asmodeus’ doing, but another demon’s handy work.

As the ley lines are now corrupted, Alec comes up with a last-ditch plan to flush them out using the Institute as a starting point. Not everyone is on board with this plan, as they are not entirely trusting of Magnus. It comes to the point that those against Alec are ready to sabotage his work. The responsible demon is prepared to perform another ritual, and if Alec can’t help Magnus complete it, the Institute might be destroyed.

Alec has proved before and proves once again, he is resourceful. Magnus and Alec finish the plan out, and it works as expected. Except… they going against a powerful greater demon who is determined to bring her son, Jonathon, back to life. They’re unaware Lilith is the one responsible for the attacks, but they’ll find out soon enough.

Throughout most of the madness, Jace and Clary are out on their first real date. Despite his playboy reputation, Jace is terrible at planning real bonding time. He reaches out to Simon for help and ends up choosing the same restaurant as he does for his date with Maia. It’s awkward but not as uncomfortable as it could be. While I wish Clary and Simon would be able to return as friends, neither seemed to have much interest in reconnecting– even if Simon still knew her well enough to pick her favorite food.

Simon often gets the short end of the stick; for every stroke of luck, he is hit with worse luck right after. After his date, Luke’s pack confronts him to force him out of the boathouse, ready to kill him if he refuses. When he refuses, one of the members tries to stake him in the back when a barrier surrounds Simon and sends the pack member flying. Whatever the Seelie Queen branded him with serves as a protection charm, bringing up more questions than answers.

Now that the storyline is starting to pick up, the flow was a lot less choppy than last week. Seeing Magnus as someone who isn’t restrained to his title is very satisfying and I hope we’ll continue to see more in action.

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