#Lucifer, Pierce, and Segways…Need I Say More? S3E18 Review: The Last Heartbreak

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Lucifer: The Last Heartbreak

Original air date: March 20th,2018

Warning: Spoilers

First things first—Congratulations Lucifer for being renewed for season four!!! Woop Woop (Insert Ella style dancing right here.) I can’t wait to see what shenanigans will ensue next year!

I really liked this episode. I know I say that about every episode—but what can I say? I love the show. First, one of my favorite things is how well the show uses shadow a light to play off Tom Ellis’ eyes—when he is in his angry and vengeful mode, or having an epiphany, his eyes say so much—and it’s truly spectacular to watch.  What I particularly enjoyed in this episode, were the flashbacks with Pierce and learning more about him. I’m torn because I really like him, but I don’t know if he is as good of a guy as Chloe thinks he is. I want him to be, but I keep having more and more doubts.

It was also highly entertaining to see Lucifer a bit insecure and off balance—and it was great that he realized (while confronting the killer) he can’t dictate Chloe’s life. I thought it was going to take him longer to reach this discovery. I think letting Chloe pursue this relationship in the long run, will strengthen theirs.

Because, man, is Pierce a player and he has his game down flat. He is feeding Chloe everything she wants to hear. I think at some point Chloe will have to pick up on his insincerity, or I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to end well. Actually, what would be kind of cool and unexpected is if Pierce started developing true feeling for Chloe. Right now he sees her as a means to an end, and is going to pursue her with fevered tenacity. Seeing how single minded and intense Pierce can be, I can see how he got caught up in trying to one-up his brother all those years ago. In his time wandering the Earth, it doesn’t seem Pierce has really learned anything about himself—seems he has learned a great deal in the ways of manipulating others, but again that is to help him achieve his goals. I wonder what would happen if Pierce accepted his immorality and tried to build an honest relationship with someone?

The murdered victims in the show aren’t the only ones with broken hearts–Maze is killing me. She might as well take a sledge hammer to my chest; she is self-destructing, and I don’t know how anyone is going to reach her. I know she has to pull herself out of this funk, but someone needs to offer a helping hand—I just don’t see how it can be offered without Maze trying to stab it. Trixie overhearing Maze go off killed me—those tears! I don’t care how hardened of a demon you are, that right there should have broken Maze’s heart. Looking to next week, it appears Maze is going to stab a guy (I’m sure he deserves it) to blow off steam—I hope this is the low point that Maze reaches before coming back to her more humanly demon demeanor.

Though we never saw Amenadiel see Charlotte after the Goddess’ exit—I was of the same opinion as Dr. Linda: I assumed he knew she was alive and (mostly) well. If his Father is testing him, I think getting Charlotte on the right tack could be his next tribulation. Maybe telling her the truth is actually what she needs to hear to move on. Not knowing, thinking that the misfortunes she suffered while she was the Goddess, like losing her children,  has to be so hard to deal with. I wonder if Amenadiel tells her everything, will she believe him or not? If she does believe him, will that strain her relationship with Dr. Linda?

Even though I’m still team Maze, I feel like Dr. Linda has been through a lot—I mean a lot.  Being tortured by the Goddess, the death of her ex-husband, the end of her relationship with Amenadiel, the loss of her friendship with Maze—it is impressive that she is doing as well as she is. I want things to start going right for her—she needs to have like a really nice spa day and maybe a small vacation. It would be nice for her to get some friends that are plain ol’ humans—like Ella or Dan, just so she has a break for all the heavy stuff.


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