#iZombie is all About the Meat-Cute, S4E3&4 Brainless in Seattle

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iZombie: Brainless in Seattle Part 1 & 2

Original air dates: March 12th & 19th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I think the first episodes of the season lacked humor. They just weren’t that funny and felt way too serious for a show about zombies solving murders. This two-parted brought it back, especially part two. I laughed out loud, and it felt good; the show is back to how it had been in the previous seasons, and truth be told—I even snorted when Liv had the two skulls making out.

Maybe the reason (now as I am writing this I have a Carrie Bradshaw voiceover going on in my head), is that the hopeless romantic, Rom-Com obsessed brain that Liv was on, struck a chord within me. Not that I’m hoping for meet-cutes every time I stop at Starbucks, but the poking fun of every romantic comedy ever made and showing how non-grounded they are was great.

The slow walk down the stairs while Sixpence None the Richer’s, “Kiss Me” was playing, turning to see the man of her dreams while Savage Garden’s, “Truly Madly Deeply” plays were great nods to the movies I grew up on. (I’m so making a Rom-Com music playlist after this.) What made it great was seeing it from other’s perspectives—what Liv thought was this great romantic moment looked like a sloppy, nightclub make out sesh.

Liv trying to orchestrate love connections for all her friends was just as entertaining to watch. I am glad she finally told Clive about seeing Bozzio kissing another man—I kind of guessed that it was going to be a deal that the two of them worked out, but I don’t like it. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t see this making a lasting relationship. Though, I’m by no means a zombie/human relationship expert and I get everyone has certain needs—I just think there could be a better way. Why hasn’t Blaine cornered a market on some giant zombie prophylactic? (A Zomdom, perhaps?) Running a human/zombie nightclub, I could see it coming in handy, just saying.

Blaine, on the loose-lips brains of the zombie he turned human, was possibly the best thing ever. I’m a complete Blaine fan, and I like that he had more screen time in these two episodes. I’m a little sad that he caught Renegade, and I’m afraid she might be iced soon. I know she was just trying to help people, but I don’t think making more zombies (when brain supplies are limited) is the right thing to do. If the zombie population wasn’t so big, then there wouldn’t be a demand for black market brain, and people like Bruce (the serial killer they were tracking) wouldn’t be in business.

Speaking of limiting the zombie population—the whole thing with Major and the cadet scratching a guy could totally have been prevented if they wore gloves. Why do they have fingerless gloves? Cover up those nails—geesh!  Lucky for Major and his cadets, Angus owed Major one, because I don’t know if they would have got out of that church alive. Angus is gaining followers left and right, and soon I think there will be a zombie war. I hope the show doesn’t go overly dark on all this. I like story arcs that carry a season through, but I like funny, happy zombies more.

My fear is that we might once again lose the great balance of humor and story we got in these two episodes. If the season remains as great it is right now, perfect. I want levity; this show is can be super fun, but please don’t let it get weighed down with super depressing storylines. This is my happy zombie show.  If I want depressing, I go to AMC. (Don’t worry though AMC, I still love you.)


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