#AshvsEvilDead Shows Us Why Cellars Should be Outlawed, S3E4 Review: Unfinished Business

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Unfinished Business

Original air date: March 18th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

So yeah, guess I was wrong about Pablo, it does appear that he is possessed by evil and probably killed Dalton, like he said. Well, mostly killed him—I think his self-inflicted gunshot to the head sealed the deal. RIP for real new guy.

It was great to see Brock again, in a less evil deadite way. I think the flashback to him killing a guy and just closing off the entrance to the cellar was hilarious. Watching Brock highlights the similarities between him and his son. Bruce Campbell and Lee Majors play so well off each other; I still think this is some of the greatest casting ever—I hope Brock can have a reoccurring role as a somewhat sagely ghost guide.

We finally learned what vital information Brock had for Ash before his untimely death by Delta. As far as revelations go, this one didn’t seem to live up to the hype. I know we don’t fully know what these lost pages of the Necronomicon will reveal, but a portal to another dimension doesn’t seem like a good thing.

I know Ruby still harbors fear of the other Dark Ones, but if the prophecy includes releasing them into this world—I don’t know if that is a well thought out plan. Multiple Dark Ones seems like the last thing we would want to happen. I’m pretty sure we will get a chance to find out as I think it is probably a matter of time before the portal in the cellar opens.

On the plus side, maybe opening it will free the souls of those killed by the Necronomicon. We saw Rachel (Brandy’s friend) trying to find a way out, so my guess is this is where all the souls are trapped. The key could be in releasing the souls: maybe they are what fuel the Necronomicon.

Ruby’s plan is to turn Brandy against Ash and have her kill him. Now that she has been locked in the trailer with Kelly while deadite Pablo tries to kill them, she might be more pro-Ash. I could see Ruby using it to manipulate Brandy, possibly telling her that killing Ash would stop all the evil things from happening.

Before that happens, I wonder if Ash is going to be able to vanquish toddler Evil-Ash? It looks like the two are going to square off and my money is on the kid—if I know anything about kids, I know toddlers are especially crafty and that they can run fast.

Speaking of evil things growing—Pablo growing out of Kelly’s leg is both extremely gross and hilarious. (Yes, sometimes I worry about my sense of humor.) I am curious to see if it grows into a full blown Evil Pablo or if it possesses Kelly. Previews show Pablo back to normal, so we know at least one of the Pablos gets back to normal. I hope the same can be said about Kelly.

At first, I liked that Brandy was in shock over the whole thing, but now I kind of want her to step it up. I think now is the time for her to grab some weapons and fight back—she is a Williams after all.  I would really like if she is the one that saves Pablo and Kelly– that she figures out a way to get them out of the trailer and kicking some ass.

All in all, this was a great outing from the show, just as good as last week and I’m so excited to see where all this is headed!


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