It’s the Principia of the Matter! #AgentsofSHIELD S5E13 Review: Principia

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Principia

Original air date: March 26th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

I feel like this is building up to the end, not an end to the story, the end of the show—maybe it is nihilistic Yo-Yo rubbing off on me, or maybe it is the end of all SHIELD has been. General Hale is recruiting baddies from previous seasons and looking to next week, there will be a return of The Russian from last season and “Framework” Fitz—whether they are real or from the fear dimension is unknown, but if this season ties up all the loose ends, it will be exciting to see where they go from there–maybe create a new agency– I don’t know, some details would have to be hammered out (wink, wink).

My favorite part of this episode was Deke figuring out that Fitz-Simmons are his grandparents. I like the subtle, and not-so-subtle mannerisms in Deke that mimic both of them. The best was his fear dimension induced mother, asking if he got enough to eat and pointing out how cute Daisy is—both seem like very ‘mom’ things to do, and her quoting Simmons, before Simmons said the quote, was a perfect way to give Deke insight into his lineage. I will be curious to see if Deke tells them, or if they will figure it out. I have a feeling Simmons will guess soon enough.

I think Yo-Yo is doing remarkably well; I think she can have moments of darkness after losing her arms, and it will be a lot for her to be burdened with, but I think she is going to need to stay optimistic for Mack. If Mack thinks she is doubting their ability to change the course of events, he will take her and run. SHIELD is going to need all hands on deck (Err…too soon?) to keep the world from literally falling apart. Can I say, Mack getting Yo-Yo arms, was super sweet and kick-ass.

I know Yo-Yo got the warning from her future self to let Coulson die, but as far as I can tell, she hasn’t told anyone that (I know she’s had her hands full—dammit, now I can’t stop), but the only one that seems like they would heed that advice is Coulson. I hate that Coulson is being a jerk. I get the whole, ‘must be stoic, I’m about to die’ bravado that he is putting forth—but if it were me, and there was a chance I didn’t have to die, I would be down. His feeling that he already had more time than natural is stupid. I shouldn’t say anyone’s feeling are stupid, but they are. So hey , Coulson, modern technology extends people’s lives all the time—external defibrillators, chemotherapy, antibiotics can extend someone’s lives ‘unnaturally’ let the people that love you, help you out.

Maybe the key to stopping the future that they saw is not letting him die, but keeping him in the loop as  they plan to save him—or flat out saying we are saving you, deal with it. Besides Yo-Yo, I doubt the others are going to let Coulson die without doing everything they can to save him.  With that as a concern, and with secrets being kept, something important may escape their notice—something that could really keep the world from ending.

I really don’t know how I feel about Ruby and General Hale. I think Ruby was telling Hale the truth when she said she was telling the truth to Alex Braun/ Werner Von Stucker. I think she is going to try and overthrow Hale, but I would not be surprised if Hale totally knew that,and is playing dumb until she gets what she wants.

Of all the big bads we’ve had, these two, though worthy of dislike, are leaving me wondering why they hate SHIELD so much. I guess I want more back story and more interaction from the two, without relying on the baddies we know giving the exposition into their past. Maybe it’s the idea that Alex Braun is back in the game; I don’t know if we need him, but I am curious to see how all this plays out. One baddie that General Hale has collected has me pondering a way this all might go down—Carl Creel. He can absorb the properties of anything he touches– what happens if he touches Gravitonium?  It seems to me that could have some earth-shattering consequences…


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