The Flash S4E16, Review – Run, Iris, Run

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After many failures, Team Flash is feeling despair hit them at different angles. This is different from the fear Savitar unleashed, as they all believe that there is no hope to beat DeVoe.

Harry’s mood has been steadily declining as he deals with the realization that he isn’t as smart as he thought he was. DeVoe is always several steps ahead, and being outsmarted so many times has worn him down. Wanting to match Clifford’s wits, he plans to build his own brain activity enhancement helmet. Cisco is the only team member to protest, pointing out he’ll turn into someone just as unhinged as Clifford. He’s right– I know there are no other options, but Harry isn’t the most emotionally stable guy to begin with.

Dibny feels helpless– he knows he’ll be next if Clifford has the chance. Harry’s idea gives him hope for a moment but Cisco protests. At this point, he would prefer to hide from the public than risk losing his body. His lousy mood spreads to the team, and he takes his anger out on Iris after she calls him useless. Dibny calls her useless, and someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to live in fear.

Iris, who ordinarily has a strong opinion and knows her self-worth, pauses and doesn’t deny what he says. This season alone we’ve seen her join more fights, let alone the entire last season where she was hunted by Savitar, so she shouldn’t be feeling disheartened.

Wanting to prove herself, Iris finds herself in an odd situation with a newly discovered Metahuman named Melting Pot. He can take powers away and give them to someone else. In this case, he takes them from Barry and gives them to Iris. She takes to being a Speedster like a fish to water. It seems like it runs in the West blood to enjoy the speedy side of things. Barry tries to hide his disappointment in losing his powers and is ultimately supportive.

When fighting a Metahuman goes wrong, Iris manages to take down the offender on her own. It’s impressive for the new Speedster, and while she may have a future as the next Flash, she knows this isn’t what’s best for the team or herself. She speaks to Matthew/Melting Pot, and he happily returns Barry his powers.

The team isn’t mad; they’re happy to have Matthew’s ear as they explain the situation to him. He’s delighted to have a greater purpose and is eager to help them. Matthew’s help isn’t the only breakthrough the team faces. Cisco has a change of heart and will help Harry develop his thinking helmet. There will be rules, and the results are already promising.

Dibny and Iris have one final talk before heading out for a meal together. I think he’s opened up to learn more about her and not put so much of the blame on others for his bad situation. If Harry’s helmet works, DeVoe won’t stand a chance.

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