Who Hasn’t had Family Time Ruined by a Chainsaw? #AshvsEvilDead S3E3 Review: Apparently Dead

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Apparently Dead

Original air date: March 11th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Well, I guess it was a good thing I decided not to get too attached to the newest members of the Ghost Beaters—RIP new guy (aka Dalton), it was nice knowing you. Though he might be back in deadite form, I pretty sure his Knights of Sumeria days are over.

There is one style of filming that is my favorite—the goopy camera. There’s probably a technical term of it, but the scenes where Ash is decimating a deadite and the camera gets splattered with goop (not just blood, but other stuff)—well, I just love it. There is a gag response that happens at first, but it is so over the top gross it just becomes hilarious. The scene where Ash is stuck fighting the deadite Candy, is my favorite of the season so far. When he popped out of the casket during Brandy’s eulogy for her mom, that was the best—the gasps and mutterings of the funeral attendees made it perfect.

For a television show, I know it can’t be filmed or even paced the same as the original movies– the pace would be too frantic to keep up over the season (or seasons), but I love when they pay homage to the movies. Dalton being pushed through the woods by the unseen evil, filmed just like the scene of Ash being pushed in Evil Dead 2, was a great scene. Since he had to die, I’m glad it was in a classic Sam Raimi style. With his impalement, and his last words to Kelly, I wonder if he really thought Pablo killed him? I don’t think (I could totally be wrong) that Pablo did kill him. The evil that killed him could have looked like Pablo, or Dalton was already possessed and just feeding on Kelly’s doubts.

Another classic Evil Dead move is the blood baptism—another throwback for Evil Dead 2, where a character is drenched, forcibly, with blood.  All the major players have had this moment, and in this episode Brandy had hers. Brandy regained consciousness just as Ash chainsawed his dad. Poor Brandy is going to need few showers and therapy sessions to get over that experience.

I’m trying to keep in mind Brandy’s point of view. She saw her best friend and mom get killed by supernatural forces, yet I could see how she could rationalize it as something more normal. Before she knew Ash was her father, she considered him the town nut job. I see why she is having a hard time believing Ash about what is really going on– especially with Ruby as her guidance counselor.   Ruby is doing a great job at manipulating Brandy and having Ash feed into Brandy’s view of him. I can’t wait to see if the good guys can sway Brandy or if she will be a weapon for Ruby instead.

Pablo’s vision (can I say him hitting on his vision—hilarious) guided him into finding the Kandarian Dagger, which led him, Kelly, and Dalton back to where the cabin use to be. First, glad to see the deer head was unharmed in the cabin burning. Second—it is a little detail (you all know how I love those), but I love, love how in episode one of this season the destroyed barn mimicked the cover of the Necronomicon, and how in this episode the holes they were digging also mimicked the book. It shows how much the Necronomicon is affecting Elk Grove and the surrounding areas.

For me, this episode has me feeling the season is really picking up. I liked the first two episodes, but this one was my favorite thus far; everything seemed to have the perfect balance of gore, death and humor. Maybe it’s because now that the Ghost Beaters know Ruby is in the picture, or maybe it was just having Ash and Ruby interact (I feel Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless play so well off each other).  For whatever reason, this was episode seemed over way too quickly and I can’t wait for next Sunday night!


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