Are you Ready for Some Zombies? The Answer is Yes. #iZombie S4E1 Review

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iZombie: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

Original air date: February 26th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

The season opener of iZombie takes place four months after the great zombie outing, and it’s a brave new world. We get a glimpse into New Seattle; a wall has been built around the zombies and most humans fled. Filmore Graves oversees the safety of the zombie and human denizens of New Seattle and the police force have expanded their zombie/cop program (to more that just Liv).  Detective Bozzio looks to be the head of this new department and Liv and Clive are going strong.

The burning question we were left with last season was will Ravi’s zombie vaccine work and the answer is…sorta. The vaccine does keep a person from turning full zombie, but about once a month there is a minor change and craving for brains.  Women have been dealing with monthly mood swings and weird cravings since the dawn of time, so I would say the vaccine is good enough. Ravi, though, seems to be looking for no side effects; therefore there isn’t a mass vaccine yet.

I love this twist—Ravi as a naturalist was too funny. He stole the episode away from Liv’s Seahawk super-fan brain. Though a zombie that hates zombies was highly entertaining. I would like them to eat the same brain and see their different takes on it—like last season with Blaine and Liv. I think the dynamics are so different between Ravi and Liv versus Blaine and Liv that it wouldn’t feel recycled.

Okay, so here’s my biggest gripe about the whole show—Major. I always go back and forth between liking him and not. I want to like him, I really want him to be okay, but his character has been so wishy-washy. Which I think is intentional—Major has lost his way since learning of zombies. I think putting him back into a job like where he started, working with troubled youth, will help him find his true zombie path. I hope he gets to help these zombie teens and isn’t setting them up to be cannon fodder.  With the Filmore Graves company, with Chase Graves—I don’t have a high amount of trust. So, I can’t think scooping up homeless teens will lead to happy times, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Major will keep them safe. (Loving the idea of Major turning into Steve Harrington right now).

Another big question we had at the end of last season—Papa Blaine (aka Angus McDonough). We knew he wouldn’t stay in the well, but how was he going to get out? Dino came to his rescue and was swiftly rewarded with a hammer to the head. I’m going to miss Dino, RIP big dude. Oh, and now Angus will be under the influence of church brain, I can see some crazy stuff happening.

Now, it seems to me, Fillmore Graves would want all the zombies to be well-fed and happy. A sated zombie is a docile zombie, right? By rationing out the bare minimum of brain goop, a zombie uprising seems to be a given. They have basically given Angus an in. Unless they want zombie dissonance—in that case, they are doing a great job. Also, a zombie guillotine—that’s messed up. This is so not going well—I can see the need to show a sense of order, but how about just putting unruly zombies on ice? I feel this season is going to get intense fast!

Now on to Peyton—what is up with the Flounder (Harry Thorne, played by Adam Kaufam)? So the names on the show, they tell you a little about the person—Liv Moore, Chase Graves, Major Lillywhite…so Harry Thorne, sounds like a skin condition. She needs to dump him fast– take Liv’s advice and get back together with Ravi. I would even accept her getting back together with Blaine—this Harry dude, I don’t trust him. He is up to something, time will tell.


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