#Lucifer is Back and is Pratically a Shining Beacon of Responsibility, S3E15 Review: High School Poppycock

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Lucifer: High School Poppycock

Original air date: February 26th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers  

Lucifer is back! Yes, and I’ve been missing him, Mondays haven’t been the same. Yes, and that is taking in account wardrobe malfunctions during figure skating. Yes, and I’m totally finished with “Yes, and”.

Alright so let’s start at the beginning of the episode, because it seems like a good place. Lucifer’s dream about losing Chloe and not being able to control his wings was probably intense for him. Lucifer is so afraid that his Dad is controlling everything that I think he constantly misses the point that the only person that will drive Chloe away is himself.

Having said that, I don’t know if Lucifer will ever be mature enough to be in love with anyone but himself—there is always a chance of losing those we love. I don’t think even Dr. Linda is good enough to help Lucifer deal with heartbreak. Until he can grow out of his self-centeredness, there won’t be room in his life (fully) for others. Now, I do think there is hope for him, there are always steps forward seen with Lucifer and I wouldn’t expect miraculous (haha) changes overnight—that’s not well, human nature. Holding a prom for Chloe is an example of this growth– more of an example is him not kissing her. That could just be fear holding him back, or it could be self-restraint, knowing it wasn’t the right time—either way, not acting on impulse is a step towards maturity.

The murder of the week involved a YA writer murdered right before her high school reunion and surrounds her characters that she based on her classmates. Chloe, never experiencing high school, lost her way a bit; she immersed herself into the fictionalized version of high school and tried to make up for a lack of experience. This left Lucifer to be the voice of reason, which is never a good sign, but he stepped up nicely.

This episode’s theme was about selfishness, and if you think about it, high school is a time of selfishness (now I’m talking broad strokes here). Many are caught up in themselves; there is nothing wrong with that as their ‘self’ is still taking shape and growing.  Now most people outgrow this stage of life and see people as individuals and not just reflections of themselves, and there are some that don’t. Having gone to my 10-year reunion, I got some firsthand experience—I still don’t know what it says about me, that no one questioned me naming my child Optimus Prime. (I don’t have offspring, don’t worry.)

While I’m on selfishness–Dr. Linda and Amenadiel. When they were confronted by Maze (I loved she tortured them with a double date), they became defensive—Linda admitted it was selfish, but she said it was, “real”. I don’t think that was the case. Here are two of the more responsible characters of the show—the ‘adults’ if you will and their sneaking around, having this relationship, was a bit of a rebellion for both. Amenadiel was defying his Dad, Linda decided to discount Maze’s feelings. Had they been public with their relationship—would it have continued? Selfish, when used to maintain a sense of self I think is needed at times; selfishness that brings more harm to self and others is not. I don’t know if Linda (or Amenadiel) will be able to reconcile with Maze—it seems more was damaged from this relationship than gained.

So, wow, this was the episode to jumpstart the season back up. The only thing lacking was the missing Pierce. He wasn’t crucial to the episode (probably recovering from being chainsawed in half), but I like seeing him. As for the future, it looks like Lucifer might be turning to the past—his newest idea to help Pierce is to make it so that it never happened in the first place—so ah… is time travel a thing Lucifer can do?


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