The Flash S4E13, Review – True Colors

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There is a lot of pressure mounting for Team Flash with Barry up for sale by Warden Wolfe. They quickly learn of his predicament thanks to Cecile’s mind-reading powers upon a meeting with the Warden. Their focus shifts from filing an appeal, to planning a break out for Barry. Unbeknownst to most of the team, this comes at a time where Dibny has been feeling self-conscious and his performance isn’t top notch.

At the same time, Barry is planning his breakout from Warden Wolfe’s Metahuman prison. He’s unaware that his friends plan to spring him out as well, and has gone full McGuyver to help not only himself but the others who are trapped with him. The rest of the imprisoned Metahumans don’t have much faith in his capabilities– except for Becky Sharpe who is hopeful for release. We get to see a little more of the human side of the captured Metas: they all have their reasons for doing what they did, and aren’t inherently evil.

Team Flash manages to work out a basic plan after discovering Dibny can shapeshift into other people. They have him shift into Warden Wolfe to call off the deal with Amunet Black. If he can make a convincing Wolfe, it’d be an easy win. I have to compliment Warden Wolfe’s actor, Richard Brooks, on his portrayal of Dibny as himself. I saw Dibny attempting to play Warden Wolf in him, which made the meeting with Amunet all the more anxiety-inducing.

Dibny almost manages to deceive Amunet, but loses control at the last minute. His act tips off the real Warden to figure out Barry and the other Metas have escaped their prison, mounting to Dibny’s stress. He almost quits the team because of his failure, feeling disappointed in himself for letting down the only group of friends that trust him. He doesn’t see how far he’s grown, not until Killer Frost has a heart to heart with him. She has also grown into someone beyond focusing on hurting others. She has the same fondness for the team as Caitlin has, making the integration of both personalities more seamless.

While the prison break continues, we get a glimpse into the DeVoes’ life and gain more insight into their goals. While Harry had mused in the last episode that everything must be according to Clifford’s plan, we learn that isn’t entirely true. Marlize is not exactly trusting of Clifford, more so after he admits he doesn’t have a definite next step. The way he speaks to Marlize has changed for the worse; no longer loving and warm, he seems almost to taunt her with his knowledge. I feel bad for Marlize; she once stood as his equal as an ambitious married couple. Now it appears he’ll just use her as another stepping stone to power.

The climax comes when Barry and the Metahumans make it to the work out yard. They’re met by Warden Wolfe, who reveals Barry’s identity and turns the group against him except for Becky. Before any real fighting happens, Clifford appears and takes just about everyone’s powers while Barry helplessly watches. This episode had me feeling for Becky, after all her bad luck you hope she can make it out with Barry. Instead, she becomes Clifford’s new host and takes off.

Marlize, understandably, isn’t all that excited for Clifford’s new host body. Clifford changes her attitude by drugging her into complacency, which drives the gap further between them. With all his newfound powers, his love for Marlize isn’t the same. I can’t expect she’ll be loyal to him till the end.

The only significant outcome is Cecile was finally able to get Barry out of jail! Using Dibny’s shapeshifting ability, they have him portray the first Clifford DeVoe we knew. He presents himself to the judge as being alive, and they have no choice but to release Barry. I wonder if this predicament will have Clifford speed up his timetable or toy with his wife and Team Flash even more.

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