#TheLibrarians will Forever be in my Memory Palace, S4E12 Review: And the Echoes of Memory

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The Librarians: And the Echoes of Memory

Original air date: February 7th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

What a great episode; this was something truly special. I was crying at the end of last week’s episode and I’m still crying—only now, they’re tears of joy. Jenkins, immortal Jenkins! He is alive and well. What rebuilding the Library couldn’t fix, a moment in time did. If I could have reached through the television, I would’ve hugged him just as hard as Flynn and Eve did.

The final episode of the season was penned by Noble Rorick and directed by Dean Devlin, and it showed how beige the world would be without the knowledge of the Library. That world is my nightmare come to screen. Those that were curious and questioned the world around them were locked away, and I know where I would be. I will say though, crazy Flynn, is my most favorite Flynn. I loved his dapper accruements did not go by the wayside just because he was locked up in a mental health facility.

In the beige world, seeing the Librarians reunite and relearn what makes them special was a sweet and powerful way to bring everything full circle. We were reminded– as they were– why they work so well together. Their own specialized knowledge complements each other, and it was great to see them work together after seeing them almost kill each other in the last episode.

How Noone was dealt with is probably the most compassionate way to defeat a villain in any show. Flynn stopped Noone from ever becoming a villain, and he also righted a wrong from the very first Librarian outing (The Librarian: Quest for the Spear). Flynn going back in time for Noone, even briefly, gave her what she wanted—to know she mattered and was not forgotten. Her line that she wasn’t Flynn’s Guardian, she was the, “Library’s Guardian” was a perfect way to sort out the dual Guardians, and she fulfilled that destiny. Rather than steal and hide artifacts, she protected them. Flynn’s interference with time saved Noone from becoming the embittered hateful person she had become.

We ended the season where we started, with the rehearsal tethering ceremony. Only this time, Flynn and Eve just went for it (as they were unaffected by the timeline change). So now they are eternally bound to the Library and to each other. (I will let you all know I just got teary-eyed thinking about it.) If this is the end, I’m okay with it—this ending, everyone together, Eve and Flynn reunited, all of this was beautiful. Still—I would love to see more, the Librarians have become my little television friends; they’ve been in my life these past four years and I love this goofy, funny show that is so full of heart, it really is something special.  If there isn’t another season, well there will be just a little less magic in the world.

It was four seasons in the making, but when Cassandra, Ezekiel and Jake said, ‘we’re the Librarians’, and it worked—that might be my most favorite scene ever.

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