Even #Lucifer has an Older Brother that Thinks he Knows Better, S3E14

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Lucifer: My Brother’s Keeper

Original air date: February 5th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

My favorite thing is how Lucifer can create these outrageous situations, yet make them grounded and relatable. The heart of the show is about family (through biology or friendship). I think we all struggle with wanting to protect the ones we love. The question is: when does protection become a hindrance?

We meet Ella’s brother, Jay (Rey Valentin) and he isn’t as innocent as Ella thinks him to be. First, let me say that I love that we get to see more of Ella in this show and learn a bit more of her family. By the end of the episode, Lucifer tells Jay he won’t tell Ella about his less-than-wholesome activities and doesn’t want Jay to come clean to Ella—he thinks she wouldn’t be able to handle the truth. Lucifer also threatens Jay to clean up his act, and even though he doesn’t have his devil face, the flash of red in his eyes was terrifying enough that Jay will at least seriously consider Lucifer’s threat.

Is Lucifer right in keeping this information from Ella? I don’t know, but I feel I would’ve done the same . If Jay’s activities don’t directly harm Ella, then is there a reason to tell her? Yet this episode did put her in harm’s way and if Jay’s criminal activity continues, it could happen again. I guess if he cleans up his act, then mums the word. However, I think Ella might not be happy to learn the truth; but I don’t think it would crush her—she’s stronger than she looks.

Jay and Ella weren’t the only siblings at odds with one another—Amenadiel and Lucifer find themselves at odds over how to deal with Pierce. Amenadiel, on his Dad’s orders, is the one that placed the curse on Pierce, and he refuses to remove it. He thinks God punished Pierce for a reason and that they should not interfere. What if the reason was so that Lucifer and Cain could meet? Maybe they can help one another in some way. Amenadiel has no problem getting in Lucifer’s way because he thinks he is right and Lucifer is wrong– he is trying to protect Lucifer from God’s wrath.

Protecting a younger sibling is a fairly natural instinct, but again is it helping? Sure, we know Lucifer isn’t going to be grateful for the interference, and will probably find a way around it, but he isn’t going to learn anything from it. Lucifer is so use to opposition (especially from Amenadiel) I wonder what would happen if Amenadiel acquiesced for once. When Amenadiel has taken on the role of cleaning up after Lucifer, it hasn’t done either one any good—maybe it is time for a supportive big brother instead.

Dr. Linda has been a supportive person in Lucifer’s life, but since her near death experience of last season, she hasn’t been at a hundred-percent (understandably).  I think her confronting her fear (Charlotte) and deciding to help Charlotte, is a huge step to recovery. It has to be incredibly difficult to see Charlotte and know in her head that she isn’t the one that hurt her, yet have this primal response to run away from this known danger. I love that Dr. Linda tested Charlotte by pricking her with a push tack—I would’ve done the same thing, just to double check.

I would like to say Maze could be handling finding out about Dr. Linda and Amenadiel better—but in all honestly, if I had training dummies and knives like that, I would be taking out all my frustrations out on them.  On the plus side—Trixie is going to be the most badass person when she grows up. She is going to be Ella with knives! Maybe know that Maze and Ella have bonded a little—Maze can teach Ella all about knives.


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