#AgentsofSHIELD Made it Back from the Future, S5E9 Review: Past Life

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:  Past Life

Original air date: February 2nd, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Here we are, we have reached the end of the future—but we still don’t know if our agents will succeed. Future Yo-Yo (aka Kasius’s Seer) warned our Yo-Yo not to let Coulson come back, but he does. Thanks to previews, we see all the agents made it back to present day safe and sound (only to be the world’s most wanted list), but the time loop they are stuck in may be going strong.

At least there were a few things that were resolved and I’m so glad Kasius got his—first, way to go Simmons! I love she got some revenge on him before he was run through with the shotgun axe. There is something about villains like Kasius—they are so slimy. He truly was a coward and a bully, and I was so happy that he wasn’t left alive. Props to Dominic Rains in his portrayal of Kasius—there were so many times I wanted to slap that smarmy look off his face (Which is my measure of a great performance).

Then, on the opposite end of my emotion spectrum—Enoch and Deke. Their sacrifice to get the agents home was beautiful– sad, but beautiful. I’m so happy that Zeke stepped up—I liked him and was always afraid that he would end up double crossing them (again). I will miss him and hope to see him back somehow in AoS. Enoch as well, he was perfect as the comic relief; I wonder if we will see him again in the present timeline. I will be curious as to if our agents come back at the exact moment the left or will there be a gap?

Future Yo-Yo said in going back it is the beginning of the end. I never thought the end would be tied to Coulson, but thinking about it—we didn’t see Coulson after the world explosion and he would be the one person Daisy would not leave behind. The black goop Tye and Kasius were amped on, we’ve seen before right before Daisy’s terragenisis—Mack had some first-hand experience with it. What I expect is it is slowly infecting Coulson—leading to erratic behavior. (Maybe erratic enough to destroy the world?)

I could foresee this ending with the death of Coulson. It might be the thing that is needed to end the loop. First, let’s be clear I would hate for him to die—I don’t deal well with fictional character’s death, his first death was hard enough for me– I don’t know if I’m ready for another. There would be a beautiful symmetry in his death, as the series was created with his resurrection. That would mean though it would be the end of the series.  As much as I want the series to continue (especially after this spectacular season), I don’t think it could survive without Coulson, and I don’t know if I would want it to.

Now having predicted a horrible ending, it occurs there is a way to skirt it—Coulson could die, but then couldn’t they bring him back again? Kill him, kill the black goop stuff and then a little trip back to Tahiti and voilà, good as new (mostly). Or maybe, the Coulson thing can be solved easy-peasy and a bigger threat is closing in.

We’ve learned that aliens are coming—could it be Kasius Senior? Maybe the black goop also works as a beacon? Or, are we looking at a tie in to the Infinity Wars? Speaking of tie-ins—with the month hiatus, I’m curious to see if any events from Black Panther will affect our agents.  A month seems like a long time, I loved the momentum that the season has built, but I’m glad the break is happening where it is—no giant cliffhanger. I am excited to finally see Dove Cameron and her role as General Talbot’s daughter. During the hiatus my plan is to re-watch and look for everything I missed, I plan on having some even more far out theories.  If you all have any, please share!

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