#TheLibrarians Learn in War There are Casualities, S4E11 Review: And the Trial of the One

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The Librarians: And the Trial of the One
Original air date: January 31st, 2018
Warning: Spoilers

So, yeah—I cried. Full on sob. Also, never have I related to a character more– on my deathbed I’m sure I’ll be talking about food. After last week, Jenkins death is just a little harsher. Oh, and dammit—Noone! The low down, dirty, dog, Noone—of course she is the big bad guy. She was never in the clear for me. I really wished they had listened to Jenkins and his doubts. Then maybe Jenkins would still have many, many more cucumber sandwiches in his future.

The question that I’m left with, (because now when we have a two-part episode we must wait a week) is does Noone have Flynn or was that a bluff? I’m guessing she is behind his disappearance. I mean she had a long time to plot her revenge, and I totally loved her dress choice, but I do think she is going to a major extreme. By letting the Library untether with our reality, it will cause new dark ages—if I lived forever, I don’t know if I would be keen on all that—just saying.

I’m sure the season finale will see a resolution to their predicament. However, without Jenkins (and it will need to be some awfully strong magic to bring him back from cremation) the Library will not be the same. I believe they will create some “new” tethering ceremony. Maybe create a tether between everyone on Earth with the Library—make them dependent on each other.
What I hate is that after Jenkins death, I thought (briefly) maybe Noone was right, maybe the Library kind of sucks. Jenkins death, though not kind, wasn’t unfair—the Library set out the rules of the game and they were the ones that invoked the magic in the first place. Jacob should’ve stuck to his guns about not using magic. Not that I am casting blame—except on the mouth-breather Noone. The Library is neither good nor evil, it has one job—to protect the artifacts and that is what it is doing.

I wonder if that is something the Librarians can exploit? New artifacts have been popping up this season and last, what if in a gigantic magical move the Librarians make Earth, or it’s inhabitants an artifact? That would tie the two together and ensure the Library’s protection. Or, on a slightly smaller scale, make the Librarians artifacts. The Library (through Jenkins) pointed out they weren’t artifacts, so it didn’t care if they lived or died, so that could be changed.

As to the trial itself—I loved how all the Librarians got to play different roles in each other’s nightmares. Their challenges were entertaining, but Eve’s suffering before she figured out she was in a nightmare as well—that’s what made this episode heartbreaking the whole way through. This episode really did get me, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when they were safely back in reality—then nope. That was a cruel twist. I’m sorry, I take fictional characters death really hard—I’m still not over things that happened last year on The Walking Dead. I will watch the finale and hope that maybe we will get a magical miracle and that Noone will get her comeuppance. While I’m on the role wishing for miracles—here’s to hoping they announce season five soon!

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