The Flash S4E12, Review – Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash

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Not precisely the ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ parody I was hoping for, but still enjoyable nonetheless. The team is being toyed with, but not in an oppressive depressing way like we saw last season.

It’s coincidence after coincidence as the pieces fall into place. Starting with Cecile; it appears she has Metahuman powers that have manifested through her pregnancy. She can read minds and is psyched by her new capabilities. Hearing everyone’s thoughts don’t overwhelm her in the least, in fact, she seems more energized than she has ever been. She’s ready to help the team beyond her legal expertise, and they sure do need it.

Not everyone is excited by the latest development; while it’s a power that can help the team, they’re worried about her well being. Joe, most of all, is worried by Cecile becoming more involved and seems annoyed by her ability to read his mind. An understandable annoyance, but coupled with the fear of losing her, he pushes her away. It’s not until a sit down with Iris does Cecile practice restraint and talk to Joe about his fears. It’s beautiful what communication can do for a relationship because after their sit down all is well! Joe seems more optimistic about the future, and Cecile can embrace her abilities.

Barry is playing up his good boy persona by helping Big Sir find the person who framed him for the murder that landed him in prison. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and Barry is compelled to help him find the culprit. Warden Wolfe warns him that meddling can get him killed; everyone in prison is a monster, but Barry pays him little mind. With the team’s help, he knows they can track down who truly committed murder.

While taking on Barry request, Team Flash is roped into looking for the culprit who shrunk a highly secure building and stole it. It’s more than a coincidence when the team runs into Dwarfstar. Joe, Cisco, and Dibny are led to his apartment where his greatest conquests are on full display. He has the power to shrink and make things bigger again; miniatures of vehicles and buildings litter his home, and it begins to click. Not only is Dwarfstar responsible for taking that building, but an old photo also reveals he may have been the one to kill the security guard years ago. The realization has Dwarfstar spooked, and he runs for it. A confrontation between him and the guys lead Cisco and Dibny to quickly fall to his abilities, becoming tiny versions of themselves with no hope of returning to full size.

Having a tiny Cisco and Dibny adds to the stress that has been mounting for Harry, and the poor guy is close to a breakdown. With Barry in jail, DeVoe outsmarting him, Cecile’s new ability to read minds, and now Cisco and Dibny– it’s a lot! He wants to focus on helping Barry, but with the chaos around them, it’s difficult to prioritize. The stress is affecting Harry’s work too, and instead of assisting Cisco and Dibny return to standard size, he makes it worse by forcing their atoms to explode. Despite the stress, Harry’s sarcasm is still going strong, and he helps keep the tone light as the team struggles to come up with a plan.

It’s by a stroke of luck, during the showdown with Dwarfstar, that Cisco and Dibny manage to get themselves in front of his punch. Being exposed to his power turns the pair back to normal, a surprise to Dwarfstar that has him distracted long enough to be captured. The misdirection to trick Dwarfstar was executed well by Harry, with Iris and Joe aptly skilled at dodging debris being thrown their way. Dwarfstar is quite the criminal, refusing to confess to the murder that sent Big Sir to jail even with the promise of a lesser sentence. Why would someone want to go to jail?

It’s unfortunate news for Barry to give to Big Sir, but he takes it well. He thanks him for the glimmer of hope and his effort. Being in prison for so long wears on a person, but Barry still wishes to push forward. The injustice eats at Barry so much; he is compelled to do right by him. When the camera turns away from his cell, Barry runs Big Sir to the small Chinese village he always wanted to visit. It’s a happy ending for him. but comes at a price for Barry.

Warden Wolfe had a secret camera installed to watch his cell at all times and now knows Barry is the Flash. Instead of exposing him, the warden takes him to a Metahuman prison to sell him off to our favorite underground girl, Amunet.

There is no twist here: it’s obvious every interaction is according to DeVoe’s plans. Not knowing Barry has been sold, Harry points out all the coincidences that have been happening to them isn’t just fate. There is someone else pulling the string, and it can only be DeVoe. It’s a weird position to be in, knowing that they’re playing to his plan, while not knowing the outcome. Amunet is a favorite villain of mine, as she has been relentless and cunning. Seeing what she does with Barry is almost as exciting as learning DeVoe’s goal.

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