#Lucifer Searches for Pierce’s Kryptonite, S3E13 Review: Til Death Do Us Part

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Lucifer: Til Death Do Us Part

Original air date: January 29th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I probably say this 99% of the time after watching a Lucifer episode—but this is my new favorite episode. I’m not saying that just because of the American flag speedo, but it definitely helped boost it to the top of the list. Living in a neighborhood that resembles the one featured in this episode made me wish Lucifer was a neighbor—seems passive-aggressive notes are more common than I thought. Makes me want to start DJing out of my garage.

This episode had so many wonderfully funny moments, starting with Lucifer doing his best Dr. Linda routine on Pierce. I love the details—the pad of paper, the glasses and the couch moved for Pierce to sit on.  With some almost sound logic, Lucifer thinks he needs to find a weakness (like Decker is to him) to help solve the conundrum of Pierce’s immortality.  “Everyone has their Kryptonite”, (haha) was my favorite line of the night.

I love how Lucifer tried using their undercover operation to get to know Pierce. I love, love how they fought like an old married couple and okay, when they were fighting during their party and they started to make up—was I the only one the yelled, kiss already? In a very humorous way, we see how cut off from humanity Pierce has been; I doubt he has formed any lasting relations since the Bronze Age. My guess is when he finds something to live for, is when he will die—and I really hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon.

I love how self-aware Maze has become. Once she recognized what drew her to Charlotte (her fresh from Hell soul), she knew to walk away from it—she has no interest in regressing to the demon she once was.  I wonder if that means she will also rethink her stance on Amenadiel and Dr. Linda’s relationship? Though I still think Dr. Linda owes Maze a big apology (and maybe a cool knife) for breaking friend code.

I will admit the idea of a throuple between her, Charlotte and Dan was greatest part of the episode—poor Dan, he would have been eating alive. The scene of them at dinner was so damn funny. I can only imagine they had a blast filming it. Like many times before—this comedic moment led to something touching and poignant. It led to Maze’s self-realization and it also gave Charlotte some insight as well.

Charlotte isn’t back to normal yet; she’s mess (which I think is probably normal). When she went to Dan to explain how she felt, well—I think he said exactly what she needed to hear. His approach to pursuing a relationship with Charlotte was perfect—I think this idea of ‘normal’ is complete fantasy. I think ‘normal’ is whatever makes a relationship healthy and thriving. I still love the idea them being a couple and want to see them get together.

I may be in the minority, but I like the idea of Pierce and Decker together. I don’t think Lucifer is ready to be in a real relationship yet, but maybe one day he will be. Pierce on the other hand, I think might be—sure he distances himself from others, but Decker might be the one that changes that. Or maybe Lucifer has already set that change in motion. I think what made this episode truly special was the end—Pierce and Lucifer could be great friends. I think they will get each other like no one else can. I feel like when the time comes, and Pierce does die, there will be tears (lots of them) on and off screen.


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