It was a Freaky Wednesday for #TheLibrarians, S4E12 Review: And Some Dude Named Jeff

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The Librarians: And Some Dude Named Jeff

Original air date: January 24th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I love how The Librarians allows it’s cast such creative exploration. Previously Noah Wyle stepped behind the camera to direct five episodes, and wrote two. This episode was directed by Lindy Booth, and what a great episode! I hope she gets more opportunities to direct, she is amazing at it. Dean Devlin, in a tweet, described the episode as, “guaranteed to be an all time favorite”, and he was not lying. Maybe it was all the Dungeons & Dragons references, maybe it was the outcast empowerment, maybe it was because Jenkins made some new friends—it is all of those and more.

I thought how the episode was filmed was really cool. Normally in a Freaky-Friday type situation, we see the actors acting like each other (which we saw a little of with the mirror) and that’s fun, but it only works if each character has been well established. In an hour show, there isn’t time for that kind of exposition, nor was there a need. Switching their lives rather than just showing a switch of bodies was efficient storytelling.

In this episode Jeff is a random dude we’ve never seen before; seeing him in the library being called Jenkins and seeing Jenkins out in the real world showcased how out of place they were. Through Jenkins we learned a lot about Jeff quickly. It also worked well for delivering the story’s message—it wasn’t about walking in each other’s shoes, it was about knowing there is always opportunity for growth and change (even if you’ve been around since the Roundtable). We don’t have to be someone else completely, we just need to be open to new experiences.

Jeff as Jenkins gave the episode some great comedic moments; all his interaction with the Librarians and Eve were great, and I for real laughed out loud multiple times, but my favorite scene was Jeff calling out to Asmodeus and Jenkins chastising him for it—I might have rewound that scene a couple times (okay four).  

As funny as Jeff was, Jenkins makeshift Librarians, Aurora, Schmidt and Dennis (Britney Young, Rhyan Schwartz and Joseph Bertót) stole the show. They were so much fun to watch! I love that at the end Jenkins went back to play D&D with them, of course to be DM and point out all the inaccuracies of the game. It was a fun episode that provided some character growth for Jenkins, but all in all not too serious. Looking to next week, things look like they are going to get heavy fast, in a Hunger Games kind of way. So this week’s episode was a nice breather that will be on my list of top favorite episodes.

There are only two (TWO!!) episodes left this season, and I have a feeling things are going to change for all the characters. I expect Flynn will return (probably in the last episode), as I can’t see him slinking away one night to be the end of his story, but I do wonder if Nicole Noone will make another appearance? Will we end with a tethering ceremony or nah? I hope all is resolved for the season end, like last season (I like resolution) and beyond that—I really hope we get a season five.

One final thought, as I currently live in Los Angeles, I can say, a saber-toothed tiger and woolly-mammoth wouldn’t even make it on the top ten list of weird things seen in the downtown area—the Librarians totally could have taken their time getting here.


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