Sometimes it isn’t all About #Lucifer S3E12 Review: All About Her

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Lucifer: All About Her

Original air date: January 22nd, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

First off, the last couple of Mondays have been rather dull without Lucifer— I’m so happy to have it back! In this episode we learn that Lucifer is a tool (some of us already knew that—ba-dum-ch). He was God’s tool in stopping Cain/Pierce plans to kill himself by being near Decker. This is why Lucifer got his wings back when Pierce kidnapped him, though it was all for naught since the plan didn’t work—Pierce was not affected by Decker the same way as Lucifer. Which… then why did God have to use Lucifer?

Maybe, there is more to it—maybe God can’t grant Pierce what he wants (death), but Lucifer can. God’s punishment for killing Abel was for Cain to walk the earth forever—that no man (nor Celestial I guess) could kill him. Now punishment is Lucifer’s forte, so maybe God is leaving it up to Lucifer to stop Pierce’s punishment—maybe to show Lucifer there is more to his Hell management position? Or maybe God can’t renege on any punishment he doles out, so he is hoping Lucifer will do him a solid and do it for him. One final Maybe, it isn’t about Lucifer at all—it is about Pierce; there could be something he needs to learn or do before ending his time on Earth.

As interesting as Lucifer’s role in Pierce’s life (or death) is—I think one of the best parts of the episode was Amenadiel’s line, “I can’t have chlamydia, I’m an Angel.” The look on the doctor’s face was priceless (I guessing real doctors hear that line a lot). For his sake and Dr. Linda’s, I’m glad it was a false positive, but that he got sick is a big deal. Amenadiel no longer has his powers, and he is no longer impervious to illness. For all accounts he is human—is this a gift or a curse from his Father? Or is this something that could happen to any Celestial if they embrace humanity?

Back to Amenadiel and Dr. Linda, I am with totally with Maze. Dr. Linda told her she wouldn’t date Amenadiel and by doing so, not only did she lie, but she broke girl code—you never date your friend’s ex, unless you have explicit consent (and maybe get it in writing). If Dr. Linda really wanted to date Amenadiel she should have been honest with Maze from the get-go. Hiding things from your friends never ends well, and if your friend is a knife wielding demon, truth is always the best option (just saying). As it stands, I think Dr. Linda is going to need to work very hard to repair the damage that has been done. Though both Dr. Linda and Amenadiel are culpable for their actions, I say Dr. Linda, because I think there is a chance she and Maze could still be friends. I think the Maze-Amenadiel ship has sailed, and I doubt civility between them will happen anytime soon.

Can I say, hands down, Charlotte threatening Pierce for being mean to Ella is my favorite scene ever! She threw shade better than any real housewife—I want her as my friend. Oh, and dumping out his coffee that she poured for him—loved it. I wish I could be that cool when confronting someone, but I’m probably more Ella than Charlotte. At the end of the episode when Pierce apologized to her and he let her hug him—ahhhh…I was so happy. I love bubbly, talkative Ella—I’m glad we got her back.  That moment also made me a little sad, I know Pierce wants to die, I get it, but I like his addition to the show, so I really hope that doesn’t happen any time soon. Maybe, he can just become not immortal and live out his days (or future seasons) on the show.

Final thought, I hope it doesn’t end up that Pierce finds something to live for (like falling in love with Decker) only to then die—it would be tragically beautiful, but I don’t know if I could handle it.


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