Knightfall S1E6: The Pilgrimage of Change

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The Pilgrimage of Change


Here we are again, another week, another hour of me struggling through Knightfall. I’m trying, guys, I really am, but with each episode of this show I become more and more frustrated with what I’m watching. It’s like watching a child you know has great potential make poor choices again and again. This show has become such a soap opera, and characters act so contrary to reason just to move the plot forward–it’s beyond frustrating. Even the Templar storyline, which I had previously thought was immune to this, has become ridiculous as well.

Adalena, the only woman on this show that seems to have any sense in her, at all, gets ambushed in her pursuit of Roland by the man himself, but her quick thinking manages to get him captured and brought before the Templars. Seriously, she’s really the only character left that I think is being written with any sort of coherence and thought.

Of course, when Gwaine goes to tell Landry of Roland’s capture, he isn’t there, having been captured by the Brotherhood of Light the previous night. He comes stumbling in a few hours later, chained and bloodied, acting like a completely different person. The change in personality is sudden and not completely explained (even with flashbacks), and he kicks Tancrede out of the Templars, all the while yelling and bellowing–basically acting like a complete idiot.

We eventually see through flashbacks that Rasheed, the head of the Brotherhood of the Light, put Landry through a great deal of torture and trickery over the night, trying to get him to give up answers. Landry hallucinates about Joan and ‘his baby’ a great deal, and lord I do not care about his bastard child plotline. By the end of the flashbacks we learn that Godfrey was working with the Brotherhood of the Light to protect the Grail, which is something that Landry needs to do as well.

In current time, Tancrede offers himself up to Rasheed in penance for having killed his child, and Landry confronts the Brotherhood once more, only to have the Brotherhood state they are going to serve Landry in his search. …so all the torture of the previous night was to ‘test’ him I suppose? Or just pointless, really. It’s all how you look at it.

As for the Court, everything seems to be going swimmingly for De Nogaret until they aren’t, as Isabella finds his secret creep tunnel and  starts screaming about it in front of the entire court. Which, really, is not the smartest thing to do, but it works out for her anyway? King Philip actually punches De Nogaret a few times (after the entire ‘kill the Prince of Catalonia plot’ is revealed) and drags him off to be hung. Of course, De Nogaret is saved at the last moment by his uncle and they ride off to plot his revenge. Everything involving the Court is just beyond ridiculous at this point, which is sad, given the actual history of Isabella and her marriage to England is interesting enough on its own–instead the show has decided to make everything fictionalized.

I’m sorry, guys. I know I sound really down on the show, and I am. I have a high tolerance for shows that have potential, but I have a low tolerance for stupidity and characters acting like complete idiots just for the sake of plot, especially when it involves heel turns in personality. I’m going to make it through the last few episodes of the season, but when/if the show returns for a second, I won’t.


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