Cassandra Searches for a Safe Haven in #TheLibrarians S4E8 Review: And the Hidden Sanctuary

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The Librarians: And the Hidden Sanctuary

Original air date: January 10th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

The greatest achievement for a show is to make itself relevant. To tell an entertaining story and to also shed light on current issues. The Librarians does just that—wrapped within their magical, fantastical, and corny world, subjects are broached that hit close to home. And the Hidden Sanctuary, written by Kate Rorick and directed by Noah Wyle might be one of their best examples.

Cassandra needed a break from the Library after she froze on a mission. She decides on Havenport because it is the ‘Safest Town in America’. Turns out it is abnormally safe due to a wish granted by a fairy, 27 years ago. Everyone knows it is odd, but no one wants to upset how safe things are– they like it that way. Cassandra’s magical entry into Havenport put a chink in the Fairy’s magic. In the end the citizen’s must deal with being as safe as any other town in America.

I live in Los Angeles, I really don’t see myself moving anywhere else, but I can see the appeal of living in a small town. I see how Cassandra was enraptured by the little library, the bake-offs, the sense of community, and (I guess) the quilting (I would probably skip that one).  Yes, statistically small towns are probably safer—but if “haven” is part of the town’s name, I might rethink moving there (just saying). However, I don’t think turning a blind eye or over worrying about what can possibly go wrong is a healthy way to live.

Cassandra went through both spectrums—now that she doesn’t have an impending death (brain grape) hovering over her, she is more afraid of what possibly could happen, how every mission could go wrong; that’s what prompted her failure to perform on a mission and what made her choose to visit Havenport.

Karla (Sherri Saum), moved to Havenport because prior to moving she was too afraid to do anything– to even leave the house. Moving didn’t make the fear go away, it just allowed it to be buried, as pointed out by her son Freddy (Benjamin Flores Jr.) Freddy’s the one Havenport citizen that knew something was amok and may I say, a great candidate for the future one and only Librarian—he was awesome. Even Cassandra said he would probably get a letter from them in the future—I loved that kid!  

Back to idea about ‘burying fear’, I think that is not just what Cassandra was doing residing in Havenport—but what all the characters are doing. It’s something (probably) we are all guilty of doing. The things we fear, be it spiders, commitment, or overwhelming emotions, it’s hard to face. Facing one’s fears kind of sucks—it’s hard, it can be painful, and it isn’t fun. Yet, it is necessary not only our mental health, but personal growth (well, all except spiders—that is a healthy fear and need not be messed with).

I would imagine, the Librarians biggest fear is that Darrington is right: there can only be one Librarian. I am sure each person is questioning if they are ‘the one’, but I think that they also worry about what it would mean for the little family they have created. It took them three seasons to grow into a cohesive team—I don’t think any of them want to lose that. Even Flynn. I still wonder if his leaving has more to do with proving Darrington and Noone wrong, rather than believing they are right.

Cassandra worked through her misgivings this episode—I wonder if she will now be in the position to help the others work through theirs? Maybe all the Librarians will need to look at their insecurities, face them, and become all the better for it. We still have Baird’s vision of how they evolve into super-Librarians—I’m not giving up on that. Hopefully they won’t either.


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