#AgentsofSHIELD are Reunited! (Mostly) S5E6 Review: Fun & Games

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Agents of SHIELD: Fun & Games

Original air date: January 5th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I am wrought with emotions after this episode—I can’t say it was all fun and games. It was an amazing episode, directed by Coulson himself (Clark Gregg), that was full of some great and some downright sad moments.  We lost some good guys, we lost some bad guys, and we got to see Fitz and Simmons propose to each other—it might be one of my favorite AoS episodes.

First, with much sadness let’s look at the allies our agents lost. Ben, poor Ben– it sucked that he was killed for lying to Kasius. Not surprising, but I liked him—what’s worse is he probably knew it for a while. Fighting May, and helping the agents all happened because he knew he was going to die no matter what. Even still, he took his last moments to tell Daisy it wasn’t her fault, which it isn’t… yet, it kind of is—I stayed up way too late last night thinking about this and my solution probably wouldn’t have changed anything but, what if Daisy and Simmons had acted surprised to see May? If Daisy just was like, ‘Omg where did you come from? How’d you get here?’ They could’ve at least tried to cover for Ben, then maybe he would’ve been sold, but still alive (maybe).

Then Tess—ugh! Her just hanging there, that might be one of the worst (I mean this in the best way) scenes. It was plain sad and totally uncalled for—I really dislike the Kree, I want all of them to get their asses handed to them by our agents. They’re just jerks. I know I shouldn’t get attached to anyone in this timeline, I mean I shouldn’t get so attached to fictional character, but that ship has sailed. So I try to reason with myself—at first, I was thinking well if the agents succeed if they save the Lighthouse, then the lives lost will be recovered– but will they? I mean if all the younger humans are created by the Kree, chances are very high that they will not exist in a different timeline. Which is bad news for Flint.  Hopefully he lasts a little while.

Now, let’s talk about May. Yay! She isn’t dead or locked up somewhere, and that fight against Ben—awesome. It was so much fun. “Didn’t think. Just did,” might be the most Agent May thing Agent May ever said—I loved it! Despite all the beliefs that going to the surface is a death sentence, I’m sure she will be fine. I am excited to see what is on the surface and what will happen with her and Enoch.

The moment we have been waiting for all season—Fitz and Simmons. At first when he was talking to her and she couldn’t hear, ugh, I was dying. He asked her to marry him and she didn’t hear! I thought AoS was about to wrong us all—then, she asked him to marry her! It made me so happy—can the season finale be their wedding (happy, without cliffhangers)?  I will be content that they are together, but I do think the rescue could’ve gone a little smoother.

It looked to me that Kasius is still alive, even after a knife to the throat, and his brother didn’t look very happy. I think  Sinara is a goner, though I could be wrong; I hope I am. Just because I want her to be able to get revenge on Kasuis. I mean, just when I thought I couldn’t dislike him more, he made her fight Daisy, knowing she most likely wouldn’t survive; he did it just to appease his brother. Looks like they are bringing family disfunction to a new level. I know a good, fictional, therapist—she knows all about daddy issues….

Which leads me to just a fun little serendipitous realization—in this episode, all the shows I’m reviewing collided. Who knew that one of the greatest Librarians ever (From The Librarians), Darrington Dare was Kree and Kasius’ brother Faulnak (Samuel Roukin). It was also nice to see (from Lucifer) Dr. Linda’s husband escaped Hell, got reincarnated as Ponarian (Patrick Fabian), and get shot by Fitz—I wonder which moment he will relive in Hell this time?  All this just made the episode just a little more special to me. Though, it was just icing on a rather delicious cake of an episode.

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