#TheLibrarians go Glamping! (Sorta) S4E7 Review: And the Disenchanted Forest

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The Librarians: And the Disenchanted Forest

Original air date: January 3rd, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

After this episode there are two important things I want to discuss—the first (and this is critical), why do people insist on going into the forest? I mean any forest, nothing good comes from it. I’m a big advocate in leaving nature alone; chances are if the woods don’t kill you, then death by bigfoot, deadites or a masked serial killer is inevitable, just saying. Maybe I’m a little like Cassandra, and movies have warped my sense of forests, but for me—creepiest places ever.

My favorite part of this whole episode was Ezekiel– I loved that he had to be the responsible one, and that he even was aware enough to question that. I get that they all must adapt their roles again, now that Flynn left. I’m glad “tree” Jake told Baird it wasn’t her fault Flynn left. All in all this episode encompassed all the aspects I love in the show. The past episode with Noone was needed as a catalyst for the season to progress, but it seemed slow. Maybe it just seemed that way to me, because of the back to back episodes. I was happy to only have one episode this week. I want to savor the season; I want to digest each episode. That back-to-back were like all the sugar cookies and fudge I ate this holiday season, amazing—but a little too much.

Now, onto Flynn (sigh…) We know it appears that Flynn has left the library for good, but we all know he will be back. The thing is, I get his doubts about the Library. Noone’s view of the library just fed into his misgivings. Flynn doesn’t seem to do well with commitment—the tethering ceremony looming near spooked him. Baird and Jenkins should have known that, or at least sensed it enough to try and discuss it with him. It’s Flynn we are talking about—so maybe tie him up and force him to communicate. This disappearing act though, seems like the last straw for his and Baird’s relationship.

I always go back and forth on if I even like them as a couple—and I have been for it, because Flynn seemed to be evolving, growing. His disappearance is a regression—if it was by choice. I also wonder if it was staged and if he was kidnapped, if Noone will turn out to be a villain after all. Maybe I want Flynn and Baird to work. Or maybe, the key to keeping the Library strong is to develop outside relationships.

The other Librarians and Baird are a team, that’s clear, and this episode reiterated that. What also is becoming clear– they all want more. Before working as a team, trusting each other was an issue, now that their work life is copasetic, they are looking at the other aspects of their lives.

Cassandra has never fully experienced life as she always had her health to be concerned with. Now that her tumor is gone, she is wondering what a “normal” life would be like. Last season she explored the idea of being in a romantic relationship (first with Jenkins, then with Estrella the vampire). She, they all want lives outside the library. In this episode Jake is attracted to Sarina (a reporter on the hunt for the Library), but says the because of the Library they can’t be together—that’s stupid.

Maybe in the Library’s history, the Librarian committed fully to just being a Librarian, but does it have to be that way? Jenkins considered the idea of just one Librarian to be antiquated, isn’t the idea that the Librarians must be there 24/7 just as antiquated? Times have changed, the Librarians have changed—having a magic door to anywhere and having cell phones seems like all that would be needed to get the Librarians to The Library when they were needed.

There has always been a big bad they have had to deal with each season (that’s why Noone isn’t completely in the clear for me), but maybe this season it is all about changing the status quo, shrugging off the way things are, and finding a better way. Maybe that means tethering the Library to this world by cultivating external relationships—even Flynn and Bard. Even if change isn’t the main hurdle the Librarians have to overcome, it is going to happen. Jenkins being mortal is going to change things. If Noone is a good guy, is she in line to be the new Caretaker?



  • Just my opinion of course.. but disagree about the relationship part.. Just like in real life.. long distance relationships are hard and often don’t work out.. The lives of police officers and doctor’s (etc.) professions where the person who is on call all the time is hard work even in this day and age of cell phones…social media etc.
    It may seem antiquated thinking but it may take full commitment to the library that if it comes down to making a choice of just “one” Librarian is how the choice of who it will be is made.. Thanks for the review!

    • Mary, you make some valid points. If it comes down to there being only “one” Librarian, then it might be the one person that can fully commit to the job. I love all the characters, so I’m trying to think of ways everyone can be happy, but your thoughts are probably more spot on and grounded. Maybe this is leading up to Flynn and Eve fully committing to the Librarian, and each other once and for all. Maybe the others were picked by the Library to help until Flynn made up his mind. Time will tell, but now I have even more to think on! Thanks for the comment!! 🙂

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