#Lucifer Starts the New Year off by Partying Like it’s 2011! S3E11 Review: City of Angels?

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Lucifer: City of Angels?

Original air date: January 1st, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I’ve a love/hate relationship with flashbacks within TV series. Shows can rely on them too heavily, and they can throw off the groove of the show—I hate that. In this episode of Lucifer, we get a glimpse of how it all began—and I love it.

The series started with Lucifer and Decker first working together, and it was a great pilot episode—it had me hooked from the get go. After two seasons, and ten episodes of the third season, we know the main players, we know their personalities, and for the most part, get what makes them tick. This episode doesn’t expound on anything, it doesn’t give us a big reveal—it is a fun (and truly funny) episode that just has the key players in the roles they played before we first met them, and help mark their evolution.

It’s like the before and after photos of weight loss miracles—to see how far character’s have come, we need to be reminded where they started. In this episode Chloe Decker hasn’t made detective yet, but we see with what tenacity she went for that position. Which isn’t a new insight, but her ability to adapt quickly and take risks, shows how different she is from Dan. Chloe is still growing and evolving in her career, whereas Dan has stagnated, career wise. I do think Dan has grown as a person—he’s definitely not nearly as douche-y.

Amenadiel, I forgot how little he knew of the human world; it made for some great jokes, and again shows how much he has changed. I think he has grown way less judge-y. I think he now believes Lucifer isn’t evil. He reminded Lucifer of that fact back in episode four of this season. Yet, I feel he still thinks he is better than him, and maybe the true test from his Father isn’t helping Lucifer, but to  accept him as an equal?

Looking back, we see also how much Maze has changed. (I’m not just talking about the hair, but the wigs in this episode—yikes! My only real criticism.) She has chilled since she first came to earth and has probably learned the intended use for a plunger. The last scene with her and Lucifer was powerful—the emotion of cutting his wings off for the first time, the anger, the sadness and the loss (for both) was such a drastic juxtaposition from the casual manner of disregard this season.

That scene is why I love this show. Every episode has these great funny bits, action, crime solving—then they have these gut-wrenching scenes that are so poignant and beautiful. The balance of the show is perfect to me—too much of any one of these elements and the show would most likely fail—it is a tightrope that the writers, directors and actors are navigating it spectacularly.

I loved we got to see a glimpse of pre-Goddess Charlotte. It seems to me she and the Goddess weren’t all that different—maybe that is why the body was such a good fit for her. The only thing that was missing was Dr. Linda. I wish there had been a little scene of her walking along, arguing with her husband, or vise-versa.

(Just want to say–this is the best picture ever!)

Seeing how all the characters have grown over the season, it makes me wonder– is Lucifer the least changed? I know his dad is God, but daddy issues are daddy issues. I wonder if he will ever be able to rise above it and truly be his own person? I guess that would probably be the end of the show and I don’t want that. But for every step forward, Lucifer takes multiple steps back. He has evolved for sure, yet when things get tough, he reverts to his old ways.  Looking forward, I wonder how the reveal of Pierce being Cain will play out. Lucifer has been trying to prove that he isn’t evil, maybe Cain’s presence is to show true evil? Or maybe it will turn out he is just as misunderstood as Lucifer.

Unrelated to this episode, but recently I went on the Warner Brothers Studio tour. We got to visit the Lucifer sets of Lux and the police station. I got to sit at Decker’s desk! …For which I got scolded for by the tour guide, but I channeled my inner Lucifer and quickly sat at Dan’s desk (when the guide wasn’t looking). Also, I looked for pudding to eat, but alas I think Dan might have kicked the habit for good.  Anyway, for all the Lucifans out there, if you are ever in the LA area, you might want to check out the tour!

                                                                                                              (Happy New Year!)


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