Knightfall S1E3 Review: The Black Wolf and the White Wolf

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The Black Wolf and the White Wolf


Well I definitely feel that the show is starting to come into its own; sometimes it takes a show a few episodes to find its footing, and now on its third episode, I’m finally feeling invested in Knightfall.

Both the search for the Grail and the intrigue within the Court intensify within this episode, leading to some genuinely great moments.

Godfrey is finally buried, but as he hoped, none of his secrets were buried with him. With some assistance from his fellow Templars, Landry is able to determine that the ‘key’ within Godfrey is actually a way to focus the stone previously discovered–which leads them to Godfrey’s childhood home. The way the plot unfolds is engaging, and I’m genuinely curious to see where this Grail plot will be leading. It is highly implied that this Grail is more than a relic–that it can perform miracles–but it will be interesting if the show will actually go so far as to bring that element into it. Before the actual location to the Grail can be revealed, though, two Saracens (the medieval term for Muslim) attack. They’re dressed like ninjas, and act like ninjas–and manage to destroy the scroll with the path to the Grail on it. One of them gets away, but the other is captured–perhaps he can give them more information? Well…probably not. While he does ramble on about how the Grail is going to burn them all, before he can provide any real details, someone slits his throat. Nothing can be easy for Landry, can it?

In court intrigue, it seems we are dipping into soap-opera territory with Joan’s plot line. She’s pregnant, despite not having slept with the King for over two years–which of course means she’s pregnant with Landry’s child. These are the storylines that are genuinely so frustrating to me. The show is so well shot and well acted–but then the writing slides into such cliched territory that I can’t help but roll my eyes.

Instead, of course, of seeking to immediately sleep with her husband who wishes to bed her, she wants to either a) have an abortion that could well likely kill her or b) run away with Landry. While I understand the abortion idea, and support her decision, I don’t understand why she doesn’t take the safest option: sleeping with her husband. Yes, apparently Philip can be a jealous person but–I don’t see why she doesn’t think logically about all of this.

Landry isn’t going to run off with her (he in fact ends the affair and tells her he’s staying true to his vows from now on), so she takes the drug that might kill her, rather than cover up the pregnancy by sleeping with the King. I suppose next episode we’ll find out the abortion failed, or nearly kill her, so the King can find out and–again, this is overly dramatic and not necessary. This show can be so much better than this plot line.

As for Joan’s daughter, it seems like she very well may get her happy ending (though by history we know she won’t). In announcing the alliance with Catalonia, the ambassador to England says that England will go to war over this slight. De Nogaret attempts to get Catalonia to join France against England, but bungles it on purpose (of course), but Prince Lluis of Catalonia was concealing himself as an emissary–only to reveal himself at the last moment, throwing his support behind Isabella and France, dashing De Nogaret’s plans. I genuinely love Lluis, but I know he’s not going to be long on the scene, given what happens historically.

De Nogaret is still determined to win Isabella for England, and using tunnels in the castle, watches Lluis and Isabella have sex out of wedlock ; I suspect that will be how he forces the engagement to break.

As for Parsifal? Well he does some very good charity work, but ends up running afoul the Jewish girl who we met in episode one. I always thought she was someone who was doing what was necessary to do get by, but was overall good–but it seems like she might be willing to sell out the Templars to the highest bidder to get things for her people. Which hey–I get it–but given that that group saved you, I would think you would hesitate before selling them out. I’ll withhold judgement until we see how that plotline plays out, however.

Overall, I felt this episode was stronger than the last two, but is still brought down by some poor writing. There is enough to keep me coming back at least–so we’ll see what happens after Christmas!


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