#AgentsofSHIELD S5E4 Review: A Life Earned


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Life Earned

Original air date: December 15th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Sometimes the adage, “Be careful of what you wish for”, really rings true. I was so excited that we got to see an Agent May versus Sinara smackdown—but what happened? I mean, May has to be alive, I don’t doubt that, but I want to see what happened to end the fight. Did someone rescue May? Is Sinara planning her own coup? Why you play me like that AoS?

Then, to top it off, Fitz! I’ve missed him and now I know he managed to time travel as well (or has some amazing anti-aging secrets), but is he there to rescue them? Was saying Daisy should fight to the death just a ploy to look like he isn’t associated with them? Ahhhh! I get so frustrated with cliffhangers. We get to see more of Fitz next week, and we learn his part in this story—we also get to see the return of Lance Hunter (Nick Blood). It looks like we will also get more information about the group that sent the agents to the future. All of which I’ve been dying to know, however, it also means the current story (and the fate of May) will be put on hold (probably).

Really, I’m okay with that (I’ve settled down since the first paragraph). The pacing of the show has been super-charged, this week slowed just a little. The agents are one-by-one being scattered, and I think they are being positioned for something big to go down. We found out from Ben (Myko Oliver) that Kasuis plans are selling off his inhuman warriors and then blowing the joint (literally).  So now the clock is ticking for the agents to get control from the Kree.

This week we learned a little more about why things are how they are. We now know this is a full-on Children of Men situation going on—the humans are sterile and Kasius gives them genetically modified, inhuman babies to raise; then after terrigensis sells the ones with marketable powers. Of course, we learned this as we watched poor Mack be told he didn’t deserve to have children.

Talk about gut wrenching—really it hasn’t been that long since they were all in the Framework. The ‘death’ of the Hope he raised within it is still fresh. There has been no chance to grieve. Yo-Yo was right in saying his love for Framework Hope was real, so he shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Mack needs to give this loss time, his “real” daughter’s passing happened a long time ago. I say this a lot, but I hope S.H.I.E.L.D. has some good therapists for people to talk to when they have any down time.

I know time will tell, but I wonder if Fitz has something to do with the people on the Earth’s surface? It is interesting that Deke’s father is the voice that was in contact with Virgil. It shows there is a way to survive being exiled, that the group could be made up of people previously residing in the Lighthouse. It looks like it might be up to Yo-Yo, Mack and Coulson to get to them. To do that, they need to deal with Grill. I don’t know if Grill is necessarily an evil person—I think he is a product of the environment. I think if they could make it monetarily worth his while, he could be an asset—hey maybe they could get Zev back for him (if the surface survivors got to him in time).

How lucky was it, that Kasius brought Ben in to read Simmons and Daisy’s minds? If he hadn’t been there, he couldn’t share Daisy’s story with Simmons, and they would probably be dead. I’m glad Ben kept it a secret from the Kree, that he could project his thoughts to others. Both are nifty powers to have, and I hope he continues to be an ally. Maybe someone they could take back with them? I would be tempted to recruit him as an agent.

The biggest thing, thinking of Daisy, is she can’t be the one that destroyed the Earth.  If she was, but was shipped off the future, then the future they arrived at wouldn’t exist—unless by existing it shows that the agents do get back to their own time, and then Daisy destroys the world anyway.  Or was the whole thing made up by the elder humans to make sure Daisy was in the right place at the right time to stop Kasius? I think my eyes might have just crossed.


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