Dirk Gently S2E9: Trouble is Bad

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Trouble is Bad

Warning: Spoilers

I can’t believe we’re down to our second to last episode guys! This season has gone by so quickly, and this is such a dark episode, I’m really hoping that everything works out for our characters by the end of this season–I have no doubt they’ll pull something off, but at this point it’s looking pretty bleak.

In Windimore, things aren’t going well; Silas’ bodyguard sacrifices himself so that our heroes can escape Suzie–of course, it is only going to give them a small bit of time to find a solution, as Suzie sends some knights to kill the families, and to kill Project Moloch (the boy), as well.

Back in Blackwing, Ken eventually succeeds in capturing Mona Wilder, coaxing her out of her non-human form to speak with them. It’s clear that Friedkin is losing power to Ken as the episode goes on, and while I never thought I’d feel bad for him–I do now. While he isn’t necessarily likable, he is just a dumb man trying to do his best; Ken’s intelligence is wonderful, but it’s clear that for new power and knowledge, he’ll throw his friends under the bus.

What do I mean by that? Well, we head back to Bergsberg, where Bart and Panto are heading towards the House so they can get to Windimore for their, “happy ending”. I’m genuinely so happy to see how Bart has grown–her friendship with Panto has been such a positive thing in her life, even more so than Ken was, last season. Panto is so confident he can protect her, even if Bart isn’t so sure. When they arrive at the House, Mr. Priest is waiting for them, and attempts to use Ken against her–and Ken goes with it.

He tries to get Bart to go back to Blackwing, despite how horrible it had been for her. Luckily, her desire to go to Windimore is stronger than seeing Ken–her trust only goes so far. We also get to see Panto fighting, and he is amazing at it! He even manages to injure Mr. Priest when he refuses to let Bart go peacefully. One of the things I love about this is that Panto chooses to be the violent one instead of Bart–so she can stay her hand, as she has for most of this season.

Ken continues to make poor choices, and ends up tricking Mona (who is a “holistic actress”) into telling him she didn’t send Dirk away–she just told him what the ‘voice’ told her to tell Dirk–”find the boy.” It’s clear that ‘voice’ was the witch in Windimore. Her information leads Ken to realizing that Windimore exists and that Project Moloch created it. Before he has a chance to mess with the boy, the Kallum knights appear, and start wreaking havoc.

Farah and Tina aren’t in great shape themselves; while the mage didn’t kill them, he did leave them severely weakened and they soon find out their bodies are under his control as they try to stop him from using Hobbs to blow up all entrances to Windimore. While our awesome girl crew does manage to de-wand the mage and blow him up, it’s not before Farah, Tina, and Hobbs all end up shot. They seem ‘dead’ but this season is a fairytale. Fairytales have happy endings–there is no way they are going to be dead for good.

As for our hero group in Windimore, it’s clear they have to make it back to Blackwing somehow to save Moloch. Todd is terrified, and keeps saying they have to form a plan. Both Dirk and Amanda know there isn’t time for that, and all the stress causes Todd to have another attack. Amanda talks him through it, and he learns to harness the power much like she has–I’m so glad I was right about them both having the capability to bend reality!  

It’s helpful, as well–as both siblings are required to hold the portal open so Dirk can go through to save Moloch, as the Rowdy 3 go hold off Suzie. I’m scared for them, but again, I’m hoping that what Bart said is right–everyone will get a happy ending.

Speaking of happy endings (or lack there of), Panto and Silas finally reunite. It’s incredibly sweet, and they manage to get their parents to stop fighting (but they find that many people have been killed on both sides). We think things will be fine–but the knights show up and shoot the lovers dead.

It’s too much for Bart. She believed that this was to be a happy ending, and damn it, she isn’t going to let these men ruin it. As the bullets fly, and she isn’t armed, she starts to take down the knights in a brilliant flurry of murder.

Again, so many of our favorite characters seem dead or dying–but given what Moloch can do, I have no doubt that what Bart wants, that happy ending, will come to pass. After all, that has to be the culmination of the case, right? If everything is connected, that connection has to be happy–it has to be.

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