#AgentsOfSHIELD S5E3 Review: A Life Spent

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Life Spent

Original air date: December 8th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

First, how great was the Earth-616 reference? I loved it, and I loved how it came right after Deke mansplained the Multiverse theory to Daisy. I am so glad she slapped him—not just for the mansplaining, but since he helped Kasius trap her, he deserves worse. Maybe he is playing the long game for the benefit of everyone, but right now I share Daisy’s sentiment. I knew they wouldn’t be able to rescue Simmons in one episode, and really, Daisy being captured isn’t all that surprising. As soon as Abby said she had to prove her abilities, I assumed there would be a battle involved. Daisy getting captured is a convenient way to get her to meet other inhumans, maybe lead them in an uprising?

In this episode, Earth-616 is a piece of earth that is bouncing off a transmission coming from the surface of what is left of Earth. It was explained in the previous episodes that the only thing that is thought to be living on the surface are the Vrellnexians—but someone on Earth has been in contact with Virgil and knows about the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Coulson, May, Yo-Yo, Mack and Tess are now looking to figure out who it is. That’s great, but how are they going to keep hiding from Grill now? They managed to frame Zev with the gun to get out of trouble, but they seem to be all out of scapegoats.

Okay, their dealing with Zev– this bugs me a little. Mack wouldn’t let Tess shoot him out of an airlock to get rid of him, but framing him, knowing how harsh punishments are, was totally okay? Being sent to the Earth’s surface and being eaten by Vrellnexians is better than death by airlock? It seems the code Mack talks about are more guidelines, really. If the agents claimed ignorance of how things worked, before, after this episode I think they should be all caught up on how the Lighthouse works. I don’t know, maybe they should listen to Tess and even Deke a little more. After all they grew up in this world, they might have some useful insight.

I don’t trust Deke as far as I could throw him, but I don’t think his advice to Daisy was wrong. I think blending in, gathering intel and coming up with a plan of attack would be better than going in gauntlets blazing. They all know Kree are hard to deal with; geez in season one it took half the planet to get rid of one—now they are like, meh, no big deal. For the pacing of the show, I get the need to keep things moving, to keep the story progressing—I just think they are in such a hurry to fix the problem, they are forgetting to come up with a solution first.

I know, we are only three episodes in, and they have been plenty exciting. The pacing is perfect, so I get why we haven’t seen him—but I miss Fitz. We haven’t had Fitz for a while now. The Framework took the ‘real’ Fitz away from us, then he was mopey Fitz, now he is none-existent. I feel when the team is whole is when the show is at its best, yet the show is constantly ripping the team apart. Yes, May deserves a night in her own bead, but dammit Fitz and Simmons deserve an all expense paid month at a tropical resort.

At least we are getting a lot more of Yo-Yo. (I love her!) If and when AoS ends, I would love a spin-off: YoYo and Mack. The show could just be them lovingly bickering in Spanish and movie references while they solve crimes. I think the two of them are my favorite—and I’m not just saying that because Mack understands how great the movie Chopping Mall is: they’ve been providing the much-needed comic relief.


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