The Walking Dead: Episode 807: Time for After


It is so sad to see what was once an unbreakable, unified force now broken into ideological factions. While Rick is being held hostage by the scavengers, Daryl, Michonne, Tara and Rosita focus on what steps they are going to take next. After confirming that the Sanctuary is indeed surrounded by walkers, they devise a plan to ram the garbage truck into the doors of the Sanctuary to let the walkers inside. The are met by Morgan who says his people will assist.

Rosita and Michonne want to stop the plan, as they believe things have worked out alright without Morgan.They go back to Alexandria, while Tara, Daryl and Morgan continue with their plan. As Daryl accelerates the truck, he puts a cinder-block on the gas petal and jumps out. The truck strikes the doors and the walkers are able to get in the sanctuary causing mass panic. If this were a videogame such as Until Dawn or Hidden Agenda, we would see a ripple effect indicating that this action will have future ramifications.

Not only are the Alexandrians trying to decide which path to take, but Eugene is trying to decide whether or not to tell Negan that Dwight is the mole.  Eugene has always been clear that his priority is to himself first. If anything happens that he feels endangers himself, he will react.


As Eugene walks down the hall of the Sanctuary, Doctor Carson asks him to sit with Father Gabriel who is extremely sick. Eugene is very adamant that he is only interested in doing things for himself, but Gabriel just wants Eugene to do the right thing. For most characters, this would provide a sense of internal conflict between their selfish desires and what is good for the group. Eugene, however, still maintains his selfish demeanor.

This is made clear when Tonya comes to see if he has finished making the repairs on her boombox–he hasn’t touched it. She reminded him that she and the other girls asked him to take care of Negan and he gave the poison to Sasha instead. Later, Negan pulls Eugene in the conference room. Eugene is emphatic that they are on the same page. Negan puts out his hand to Eugene, which he misinterprets and tries to kiss. Negan pulls it back and says, “Eugene, I was going for a handshake.”


Of all the characters, Eugene has been the most stagnant one. While others have seen character development for the good or bad, Eugene has remained constant; the only difference being that he is becoming emboldened by the attention he is getting from Negan. After Negan’s talk and a little bit of liquid courage, Eugene sets off to find Sasha’s ipod. He straps it to a remote-controlled kite; he wants to lure the walkers away with the sound, however he immediately is stopped when Dwight shoots the kite. Right as he does the truck crashes into the doors.


After this encounter, Eugene goes to tell Gabriel he won’t help them. He then goes to Negan and discusses a plan that would require him to make bullets, neglecting to tell him about Dwight.


While all of this is going on, Jadis continues to keep Rick stripped down to his underwear in a storage container. She later she pulls him out, along with an armor-clad walker. Rick quickly takes care of the walker, and then pins Jadis down to the ground. She eventually surrenders and they agree to help for a fourth of what is taken.

As Rick leaves, he notices walkers feasting on one of his lookouts. What is really important to note is the fact that he looks as if the skin on his face has been peeled off. Is that a subtle hint that the Whisperers are near? When no one responded to the radio, Rick runs to see the Sanctuary. All the walkers that were hoarded outside the doors are now gone. Rick’s plan is finished and now consequences will happen.

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