#Lucifer Meets the Sinnerman! #LuicferonFox S3E9 Review: The Sinnerman

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Lucifer: The Sinnerman

Original air date: December 4th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers


This season has been building up to Lucifer confronting the Sinnerman, and in this episode we meet him, yet I feel slightly underwhelmed. I know this is just the beginning of something far more devilish, but for me the episode wasn’t the strongest. It just was a transitional episode that is setting us up for the winter finale next week. (I swear it feels like we just started this season.)

So, we meet the Sinnerman (welcome Kevin Carroll to the Lucifer family); he manages to trap Lucifer and gets caught all in one episode. There must be more to it. We’ve met him, yet it just raises more questions rather than answer any. Is he a human variety monster or something more? Why has he left the Midwest and set his sights on Lucifer? Is this really the Sinnerman or a fall guy? Nothing is as straightforward as it seems on the show—so more must be coming. I’m sure it will come in the form of a giant cliffhanger at the end of next week’s episode. I will say though—damn, gouging one’s eyes out with a pen is next level crazy.  

Maze returned in this episode and provided Lucifer with an opportune escape from the Sinnerman’s trap. Was it planned? Did the Sinnerman (or other powers at play) know Lucifer would escape, or did it mess up whatever was originally planned? I loved that Lucifer asked Maze to, “think about someone else’s needs”– it might be the funniest thing ever coming from Lucifer.  But it did lead to some self-awareness for Maze. She’s feeling left out when she sees Linda and Amenadiel together.

Lindamenadiel is something I didn’t even know I wanted, but now that I saw it—I love it. Yet it isn’t going to really happen, because Maze asked Linda not to and I think Linda is going to honor Maze’s wishes. Maze is just becoming her own demon; if Linda went behind her back and Maze found out, I think it would destroy her. So, it can’t happen yet—but maybe if Maze found a new romantic partner, she wouldn’t feel so left out?

Speaking of romance—I love how awkward Chloe was around Marcus Pierce at the beginning of the episode, when she realizes she’s a little attracted to him. By the end of the episode, I think she is full on smitten with him. They have bonded now. He shared his past with her (the Sinnerman killing his brother) and she shared the experience of arresting her father’s killer. She expressed feelings she hadn’t even shared with Lucifer (Uh-oh poor Lucifer). Now that they captured the Sinnerman, I feel a hookup is bound to happen.

I do want to point out that Chloe is a bad-ass. A big pet peeve of mine, (and a lot of shows do this) is when female cops are chasing suspects, somehow, they fall and lose their gun. Chloe was chasing the Sinnerman, fell, yet kept her gun! Thank you!! I’m tired of television cops being bad at their jobs. Not only did she keep her gun, she managed to use her surroundings and not get tricked or overpowered. There is an equality in all the characters of the show that I love—sometimes it is the damsel in distress that needs saving, and sometimes it is the dude in distress. (Can that be a thing now?) It’s equal opportunity distressing.

My favorite moment of the episode came from the sage words of Dan (I know, right?) When he comforts Charlotte and tells her it is hard to be a good guy, you don’t always succeed but it doesn’t mean you don’t stop trying. He’s offering her the advice, but I think that sums up his character. He is just trying to do the best he can, and sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn’t—but he keeps at it. I think we can all relate to that. It was what Charlotte needed to hear, and I still hope they get back together. I think Dan would be good for this new Charlotte.


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