Dirk Gently S2E8: Little Guy, Black Hair

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Little Guy, Black Hair

So as we start this episode, we finally see what happened to the Cardenas’ parents–the wife wanted to sell the farm, and the father didn’t. In a scuffle, she killed him with a pair of scissors, and as she attempted to drive away, the young adopted Cardenas boy dreamed her into the sky…all while the eldest Cardenas boy watched on. Yes, Arnold wasn’t the boy–but brother to the boy.

Blackwing has the entire house now under lock and key; it seems Ken really is working with them, and has completely forgotten about helping Bart or his friends. It’s disappointing to see him like this, but I guess knowledge is more important to him, above everything else. He seems to be more in charge now than Friedkin, who rightly points out, “no normal person can understand portals.” He has to defer to people who understand this stuff better than him–which means Ken and Mr. Priest. We do learn a bit more about Mona Wilder–she is (was) the witch in Windimore, as well, and had the capability to turn herself into any object–one time she spent six years as a chair.

Luckily, Farah wasn’t killed by Mr. Priest in her altercation with him; she gets back to the sheriff station where Tara is decidedly freaked out by all the magic that’s been used recently, and the disappearance of Hobbs. I’m truly enjoying the friendship between these two women, through I do feel that Farah’s characterization has fallen to the wayside in the back half of this season as we focus more on Windimore.

The duo break into Suzie’s home, only to find her husband Bob just watching an unplugged television. Everything is strange, but really, when is it not? The mage explains that he’s taken control here while Suzie is in Windimore–then orders Bob to kill them. When they finally manage to subdue him, Tara proves she’s not useless after all and gets through all of the magic working on Bob–she gets an answer on where Hobbs might be. Before they can save him, though, the mage appears and knocks Tina and Farah out. So unless Panto and Bart save them…it’s going to get very bad.

Back in Windimore, Dirk is still running from the beast/wild woman. He notices a Kellum truck (named after the Kellum knights? Not a mystery we will solve this episode), but keeps moving, jumping into a passing cart. That cart is heading for Silas’ family’s kingdom, where Amanda and Todd are currently being held for execution. They are still at odds with each other; it’s a stark reminder of how much Amanda’s grown, and how much Todd hasn’t. Todd mentions that they both have pararibulitis now, and like myself, Amanda believes this might mean that Todd has abilities. That isn’t going to matter, though, if they can’t get out of the predicament they’re currently in.

It’s sad, really; Amanda does her best to reason with Silas and Farson’s mother, but she just won’t listen. After what she’s lost, and how she’s been fighting, she just can’t see that there are bigger problems at hand than a petty squabble between families. And despite starting a slap fight with Todd to trigger her powers, Amanda can’t access her abilities. So unless someone helps them, Todd and  Amanda will be executed.

Of course, that isn’t going to happen. Dirk has a plan, and that plan involves the Beast girl, and the newly arrived Rowdy 3–my favorite boys in the entire world. Seriously, this show has turned energy sucking vampires (who are highly violent) into my favorite sweethearts. Just before our siblings get their heads lopped off by giant scissors our rescuers arrive, and a giant fight ensues. It’s awesome, well choreographed, and everyone gets a chance to shine. The group makes off, taking Silas with them.

At the end of the episode, we start to get answers on how everything is connected. Silas explains that the feud between the families has been occurring for three generations–since the beginning of their time. As suspected, that “beginning of time” is when the young boy dreamed up Windimore. Dirk assures Silas that while they were dreamed up, their actions are still their own, so my fears about them not getting choices was without merit. Who was that young boy–the man in a coma, that Dirk said was his only friend, back in Blackwing? Which means, well…they are going to have to break in to get him. Luckily, they have a witch on their side (Amanda) who can get them there. …if they can get past a crazy Suzie, that is.

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