#AgentsofSHIELD Are Back and They Never Looked Cooler! Season 5E1 & 2 Review: Orientation

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Orientation: Part 1 & 2

Original air date: December 1st, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Since the end of last season, I’ve been wondering where in the universe are our agents? Would we see Sakaar off in the background? Maybe they were locked up in Annoval 14? Nope, the question wasn’t where are they, it’s when are they? Turns out the Monolith they encounter after being abducted teleported them into the future. So, everyone (minus Fitz) are in a future where humans are controlled by the Kree. This occurred after some cataclysmic event destroyed most of Earth.

We knew, from last season that the agents were taken while eating pie (which is just rude). In the beginning of the episode, we get to see who is behind it (sort of). A military-like group led by an alien of some sort (unless I’ve been showering wrong) abducted the agents and set them in front of a white Monolith. Thus, bringing them to future, and in a very Lockjaw like manner, the agents are scattered about the Lighthouse (the space settlement of humans and Kree). The first human Coulson encounters is Virgil. He seems to know who the agents are, and most likely is the one that sent for them (I’m curious how that all works), unfortunately he was killed by a Roach (Vrellnexians).

Okay, I can’t go further without discussing this some more—ah… Vrellnexians! What? the Vrellnexians are a hive based species controlled by a queen and are all about dominating other species. I would be surprised if this is the only time we see them this season. With AoS, I always expect some major twists—I wonder if Kree and Humans are going to be forced to team up to defeat the bigger threat?

With Virgil being a dead end, the next human to offer help is Deke; he appears in a very Star Lord-esque manner—he was hired by Virgil to hide them and hesitantly assists the agents (especially when Tess offers double the tokens Virgil did). Deke also has a side business, the Gallery, which is the Framework redesigned to offer people escape. It’s the drug of choice in the Lighthouse. Deke rebuilt the framework and pieced together what led to Earth’s destruction– he believes it was Daisy.

Now it is completely possible that Daisy could “quake” apart the world, but I’m sure there is more to it than that. In my ideal scenario, this is all leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. The cataclysmic event was Thanos, and the agents learn how to stop the end of the world (around April 28th) and help the Avengers save all of humanity. I feel that Marvel television shows, especially AoS help tie the movies together; it would be nice to see them recognized in the Marvel film universe.  I want them to converge and unite—it would be so freaking awesome. It probably won’t happen, but whatever event destroys the world, I’m guessing the second half of the season will be the agents stopping it from happening.

To do this, time travel is going to have to happen. I’m curious as to how much will occur. Are we going to see familiar faces—another Grant Ward storyline? Maybe the return of Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter? First, the agents are going to get out of this pickle.  I already can’t wait for the Agent May versus Sinara (Florence Faivre) smackdown. Kasius (Dominic Rains), aka the Kreeper, is looking to be the big bad; but Grill is probably the most immediate threat to them—I’m sure being in his debt is not a great place to be. Still, probably a better place than where Simmons is now. Ugh, she really gets the raw end of the deal a lot. I’m hoping she is the one that gets to put the Kreeper in his place.

Finally, the postcard Virgil had on his persons was a note by Fitz, it said: Working on it. Fitz was left behind, there must be a reason. Maybe Virgil was his descendent?  Fitz is without his team– if he is working on it, who is he working with? I know we just started the season, but I feel like I have so many questions; at least the episodes are being played weekly and we won’t have a long winter break.


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