Crisis on Earth-X, Review.

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The CWDC crossover has always had the same formula that worked but wasn’t too exciting. Characters from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl guest star on each show, while the featured show faces a shared villain. This week, they decided to spice it up by turning it into a two night, four show event. This change improved the story flow immensely, and while four hours was a little daunting, I hope this is a change they keep.

Barry and Iris are finally getting married, and their friends from across the various worlds and timelines have joined together to take part in celebrating their union. It starts off just as any wedding would; awkward drama with Felicity and Oliver, a hookup between Alex and Sara, all normal. The real fun begins when Barry and Iris exchange their vows and are interrupted by a Nazi invasion.

Earth-X, also known as Earth Fifty-Three, is a world where the Nazis won World War II. Oliver, Kara, and Eobard Thawne lead the attack from their world as der Führer, Overgirl, and Zoom respectively. They want to take Supergirl hostage to transplant her heart into Overgirl’s body as she is dying. Their motives don’t matter; all anyone needs to know is Nazi’s stopped Barry and Iris’ wedding, and they have to fight back.

The first battle is excellent; everyone is given a chance to shine, working together in combinations one could dream of. Each battle featured throughout the crossover is so well done, it honestly felt like a superhero team up for the ages. While I’m not keen on Nazi’s being featured in another storyline, featuring them in a beatdown is always fun to watch.

At times, it could get uncomfortable with favorites like Quentin Lance, Oliver, and Kara on the side of Nazi’s. I wish they didn’t have to take it that far, but it worked for how the story flowed.

One of the most significant developments to come from this event is Ray! Ray Terrill is of Earth One but came to Earth-X where, not only is he a gay superhero punching Nazi’s, but also the key to helping the team home. He’s joined by his boyfriend, Snart, or as he prefers to be called, Leo. Leo is nothing like the Snart we know; he is kind and thoughtful… he is the superhero Barry always saw in Snart. We meet Ray when a few of the heroes are sent to a death camp on Earth-X. The team is captured when Supergirl is taken hostage on Earth One. Leo and Ray are vital in freeing the team and leading them to the final battle on Earth One.

Before the last battle, an altercation with the Nazi’s lead The Legends to losing one of their own. It’s an emotional goodbye that pulls everyone together to protect Earth One and change Earth-X for the better. Between Marvel and DC we’ve seen quite a few team-ups, but watching everyone come together stood out beyond all the recent superhero movies.

The good guys win, sealing a happy ending for most. Especially for Barry and Iris, as well as Oliver and Felicity as the four share a unique moment together. It makes sense that it would be them, as these type of crossover events began with Arrow and Flash. I don’t believe they needed four hours to cover everyone, but Crisis on Earth-X rarely felt as if it dragged on. I only wish I watched Legends of Tomorrow to understand their character interaction, but it didn’t take away from the story.

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