The Walking Dead Episode 806: The King, The Widow and Rick


There were a few important things that happened in this episode. But before we get to the big points, let’s discuss a couple of smaller ones first. We see some of the fallout of the war going back to Alexandria where Michonne and Rosita are waiting. They’ve both been injured and are trying to heal, but they both need closure and want to see the Sanctuary surrounded by walkers.

They set out together, but end up coming across a couple of Saviors. Rosita and Michonne try to quietly sneak up on them, but something happens and they engage in a shoot-out. They are able to take them out after Daryl and Tara show up. They discuss that things are not going the way they hoped and that more drastic measures need to be taken.


Back at the Hilltop, Jesus is still watching over the POWs that were captured. Maggie eventually decides that the prisoners can come within the gates, but they had to stay within a  prison. Gregory showed false bravado as he publicly argued with Maggie that they should not be let in the gates. She quickly but him in his place by throwing him in the prison as well.

At the same time, Aaron wants to go out to continue fighting. Enid wants to go with him and for whatever reason, he allows her to go. He is still mourning the loss of Eric and wants closure as well.  Perhaps Enid will provide him some company and a little bit of relief from his pain.


We finally get a full scene with Carl and Seddiq. Carl comes across a walker, and as he watches it, he sees Seddiq come out and stab the walker in the head, putting him down. Carl confronts him immediately and tells him that it was his father who shot, not at him, but above his head, as warning shots only. Carl asks him Rick’s questions, “How many walkers have you killed, and how many people have you killed?”  This begins a dialogue between the two. Seddiq tells him that his mother believed that the souls need to be released from their bodies, so he is on a mission to put as many walkers down as possible. They reach a level of understanding with each other.

As the two talked, they came across a small group of walkers feasting on an animal. Carl tries to help Seddiq put them down, however more walkers come out of the woods unexpectedly. Cal is pinned between the dead animal and the walkers; he is able to shoot the walkers, but it is unclear if he has been bitten or not. It appears that he could have been bitten on the side of his stomach. Could this be the reason Rick had a desperate look on his face back in the premiere episode?


Lastly, King Ezekiel is in seclusion as he struggles with the internal conflict he is dealing with. Jerry stands guard outside, even though Ezekiel told him not to. He knows that Ezekiel is not really the king, but they need someone to cling to to give them hope. Carol comes to Ezekiel and tells him to get up; the people from The Kingdom need his leadership, but he is not mentally ready to assume leadership again. Carol leaves to meet Rick, but Henry follows her. She confronts him and he tells her that he is old enough and wants to avenge him brother. This speaks to her and she allows him to follow.

One of the biggest things in this episode is when Rick goes to try to re-enlist Jadis to help finish off the Saviors.  The trash group is sitting around naked with only aprons to cover them. As he talks to them, he realizes that the meeting is not going well and Rick tells them that his people know he is there. Jadis doesn’t care. She orders him taken and the last shots of the episode are of Rick, naked in the a sweat-box. Could this be a weird initiation for Rick, or are they truly holding him hostage? Hopefully this will be answered next week.

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