Dirk Gently S2E7: This is not Miami

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Everything is starting to come together now on Dirk Gently–which means that things will most likely rapidly fall apart (before coming together, again. It’s all connected…which means a circle, obviously). We start out in 1966, where our mysterious boy is having nightmares–and those nightmares are coming to life. The One Eyed Purple-People Eater? It was something he dreamed up. But as he can dream something, he can also make it go away. I had suspected that all of this was the dream of someone–especially Windimore, but it’s such an interesting/dangerous gift.

Dirk and Todd arrive in Windimore in an abandoned castle. While Todd is incredibly excited over being there, Dirk is just completely spent. He feels so much guilt over the injuries and deaths that have occurred around him–he simply wants to give up, and no amount of prodding from Todd is going to change that. It’s interesting–both of them accuse the other of being selfish (and Todd does prove to be that, later), but they do genuinely want the best for one another. They just go about it in completely different ways. Frustrated, Todd eventually leaves Dirk to mope…and as soon as Todd is gone, Dirk gets attacked by the feral girl.

She wants a boyfriend, and it seems that Dirk is the perfect fit–however, there are burger bushes (with literal, delicious burgers growing on them) in her lair…so, not so bad, right? The burger bushes remind me a great deal of the lunchpail trees in Return to Oz, one of the weirdest, creepiest kids movies from the 80s.

For her part, Amanda is still struggling with her visions, unable to see anything but death unless they find the boy. The witch warns her, as well, that her world is in danger. Going back isn’t an option yet for her, though–she wants to help this world, first. So Amanda sets out with Farson to try and stop the civil war brewing in Windimore. I’m really proud of how much she’s grown as a character. Wanting to help others above herself, damn the consequences, is truly noble, and I’m glad to see her finally trying to do good like that.


It’s good that Amanda is trying to do this, because Farson’s family (remember Farson is Silas’ younger brother) is determined to kill all of Panto’s family to avenge Farson’s murder. Of course, Farson isn’t dead, so things should be fine, right? Especially with Silas keeping the faith. He even sends Panto’s sister, Litzibitz, a message about wanting to meet. It seems the kids are the only ones with sense in this world (typical).  

On his way to meet Litzibitz, Silas runs into Todd…and captures him in a giant chinese-finger-trap around his arms. He doesn’t trust him, but does get incredibly excited when Todd mentions Dirk. I love how everyone is so excited for Dirk’s existence, currently, besides Dirk. He really needs to get it together.

On their own travels to save the kingdom, Amanda and Farson are caught by Litzibitz–it all seems to be coming together, right? Our two groups are going to converge in one place. Nothing could go wrong, could it?

Well, the mage’s knight, the one that I thought Amanda killed? Oh he’s not dead–and he’s following them. I do like that this part of the season is really spreading out like a grand fantasy film, with all the twists and turns.

Of course, that means that for as positive as this episode has been, things are bound to fall apart. The meeting between everyone on the bridge is wonderful, but Litzibitzs and Silas’ families have followed them, and are determined to make war regardless. Farson, sweet young Farson, gives a rousing speech to calm both sides, but the Mage’s knight shoots him with a gun–making it seem that Litzibitz’s’s family has done it. The two sides start fighting, and before Litzibitz is killed, she urges Todd to fulfill the prophecy.

While all of this murdering and mayhem are going down, feral!girl has shown Dirk another mural–as suspected there are two boys–and each has a mural. Seeing this finally gets Dirk’s detective juices flowing, and it seems we might have our quirky boy back, as he starts to put it all together.

Before Todd left Dirk earlier this episode, Dirk accused him of only wanting to come to Windmore to find his sister–I didn’t believe it, as I thought he genuinely wanted to help people. But after his conversation with Amanda…it seems Dirk was correct. While I understand Todd wanting to make amends with his sister, he wants it to be in his way, on his time…and that just isn’t how things work. Amanda wants to save this world, and its people, regardless of what happens to her. Todd doesn’t seem to understand that. I had genuinely hoped he had grown more, but it seems some flaws are harder to overcome.

Things are about to get worse in Windimore as Suzie arrives, ready to take her mantel up as Queen of Windimore; she kills our poor witch, thinking she was the only other magic user in the land. She isn’t going to be counting on Amanda, and I can’t wait to see that showdown. Amanda has become such a force, and with her and the Rowdy 3 on her side, I think she’s going to be the last line of defense against Suzie and the mage’s knights.

And what of Dirk? Well, Dirk announces that he’s solved it! Solved what, who knows, but does it matter? He’s back and bright and ready to fight (I didn’t mean to make that rhyme). He’s best when he’s in a state of action, and I think we’re going to get that side of him back, now.


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