The Walking Dead Episode 805 “The Big Scary U”



After seeing the effects of All-out-war on each of the groups, we now get to see Negan’s point-of-view. As he is trapped with Father Gabriel, Gabriel tells him that this is his opportunity to clear his conscience through a confession. Negan doesn’t want to give him any information at first, but eventually he confesses.

Gabriel presses Negan for a confession; even confiding in him that he locked his previous congregation out of the church in a cowardly effort to protect himself. Negan actually takes a moment to review the choices that he has made since the apocalypse started. He doesn’t confess the numerous murders that he has committed, nor the sins against humanity that he has performed. He does however confess to not being faithful to his wife when she was sick, and in the end not being able to put her down after she became a walker.

After his confession with Father Gabriel, Negan did begin to feel a little lighter and explained to Gabriel how they were getting out of the trailer. He and Gabriel open the trailer enough to allow a couple of walkers through to use their guts for camouflage. About halfway through, a walker lunges towards Gabriel, causing more to follow. Negan killed the walkers and saved Gabriel. It is uncertain if his motivation was a human instinct in the moment, or if Negan has plans for him later.

While Negan and Gabriel are trapped in the trailer, Simon was conducting his own investigation into who the mole could be. As the group sits around the table each one explains why they can’t be the mole. Dwight is covering his tracks well, but when Eugene visits him in his room, he notices the chess set that Dwight finished. The red paint is the same red paint that was found on the bag of guns stolen from the Sanctuary. Eugene is starting to put all of the pieces together. He has a conversation with Dwight and he confirms that it was him.

While Negan is gone, there seems to be a power struggle within the administration. The workers on the ground floor were getting restless and hot since the power had been cut, so they rushed the second floor to get the leaders to do something. In all of the chaos, Regina shoots Simon. They were almost successful with their mutiny– but then it happens. A familiar whistle is heard as a shadow appears down the hall. It’s Negan. He quietly puts down any mutiny about to happen and goes back into his conference room.

No one has any answers for Negan as far as the mole in concerned, and the meeting dismisses. Later, Eugene goes as a “welcome wagon” to talk to Father Gabriel. When he gets there, Gabriel is in a locked hole, similar to Daryl and he keeps muttering that they need to get the doctor to Maggie at The Hilltop.


While all of this is going down, Daryl and Rick are still trying to get the guns that they procured from the Saviors. Daryl wants to blow up the Sanctuary, but Rick is morally opposed to that because there are families with children there. Their fight becomes physical and they start wrestling each other. Rick eventually picks up the bag of explosives and throws them back at the truck that was starting to catch fire. As they fight, the bag catches fire and eventually explodes causing them to flee.

Since the explosives are no longer an issue, the two part ways. Daryl, on his bike, and Rick walking. As he walks, he stops and listens. He looks up and sees a helicopter. The last time they saw a helicopter was when The Governor was introduced. What does this mean for the Walking Dead universe?  There are only three episodes left until the mid-season finale.



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