The Flash S4E6, Review – When Harry Met Harry…

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It’s time for Dibny to step up as a superhero alongside the Flash. He’s off to a rough start and doesn’t have much time to get it right.

Team Flash is focused on finding DeVoe, who they believe is behind Barry’s return from the Speed Force and the new Metahumans. With not much to go on, Cisco and Harry take on the brunt of the detective work while Barry and Ralph protect Central City.

Harry takes the lead with devising a plan on uncovering DeVoe’s identity. He reaches out across the multiverse and pulls in three different versions of himself to work out the best way to locate DeVoe. Cisco is left out of their meeting, but not before bestowing the name ‘Council of Wells’ amongst the group. Their personalities are similar, but each had their own gimmick. Think Rick and Morty’s council of Ricks; it’s the same concept of a brilliant self-centered scientist only valuing the opinion of himself.

Cisco, knowing Harrison Wells adequately enough, isn’t surprised by Harry’s frustration after only a couple of hours of debate with himself. Their personalities are too similar, which Cisco points out, but there are also aspects which make them a great ally. While headstrong and stubborn, they’re brilliant and are willing to help. Why else answer the call to help a fellow Harrison Wells? The pep talk encourages the Council to work together and come up with a solid plan to locate DeVoe rather quickly.

All the while, Barry, and Ralph are chasing after the latest Metahuman, who goes by Black Bison. Her goal is to unify a necklace that belongs to her family which was unfairly taken long ago. Two pieces are in the hands of shady collectors, with the third at a museum. On the outside, she’s quite violent, but who can blame her when she’s been fighting for a piece of her tribe’s history for so many years? Her powers are unique; she can possess inanimate objects and attack her enemies. Controlling a marble panther statue and T-Rex bone display is one of the more useful Metahuman powers we’ve seen develop.

Black Bison’s manages to thwart Barry and Ralph’s attempts to trap her a couple of times, leading to a rift between the two. While Ralph is preoccupied with capturing her at any cost, Barry has to remind him to hold back and protect the people around them first. Desperate to prove himself, Ralph doesn’t listen until a young girl is hurt in the crossfire. It’s enough to get Ralph to change his plan of attack and listen to Barry for once.

By letting Barry take the lead, the two are able to capture Black Bison with little incident. I’m glad in the face of a child being injured Ralph finally wakes up and takes responsibilities for his actions. Their team up only makes me miss Wally more, even as a rookie, Wally vibed with Barry on another level. Still rough around the edges, perhaps the two need to work together more to flow better.

With Black Bison in custody, Barry gets the news Harry has narrowed down DeVoe to Clifford DeVoe, and they know his location. Barry jumps at the chance to be one step ahead of a villain and runs to confront him. Yet, it isn’t a big bad villain they meet at the door; instead, Joe and Barry are greeted by a mild-mannered man and his wife. At least, that is how they appear on the outside.

We’ve seen The Thinker work in the background, predicting their visit and seemingly unbothered by their discovery of his identity. More questions arise as I believe The Thinker may not be from this time. Or if he is, he’s a great actor who can slip out of a mad scientist role into a domestic husband at a moment’s notice. I can only hope the team will be able to see through the act and not let the surprise throw them off the trail.

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