Stan Against Evil S2E5&6 Review

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The Eyes of Evie Barret


As usual we start out in the past, this time in 1850. The sheriff is killed (his neck is slit) and a woman in black is seen hanging out nearby. I doubt it is for her health. In present day, Evie and Stan are out patrolling. One of the things I find infinitely amusing is that despite, you know, not being sheriff anymore, Stan is constantly out doing sheriff work, or at least out with Evie while she’s working. Considering what they are dealing with, perhaps it isn’t that much of a surprise, but Stan doesn’t have much of a work ethic to begin with–so he must genuinely be bored.

A great gag starts out, as Stan tells Evie that he can’t currently use his car as some crows laid their eggs in it, and until the eggs hatch, Denise isn’t letting him near it. As usual, Denise loves her animals. After seeing someone driving badly, Evie attempts to write the person a ticket, but the man only wants to hit on her. She finds it frustrating, and Stan thinks the best way to avoid the situation from happening again is for her to get a fake wedding ring. Because lying about a husband is way better than dealing with annoying creeps.

Taking Stan’s advice (a bad idea) Evie ends up at an antique shop where a creepy woman (played by The Bad Seed’s Patty McCormack) gives her a ring. For free. Really, Evie, given all you’ve seen in this town, you really should be suspicious of these sort of things by now. And of course, while Evie sleeps, she dreams of the man who harassed her getting his neck slit–and when she wakes up, Leon is calling her to inform her he’s dead.

This episode has a great use of Leon. Nate Mooney was hilarious, staying painfully, ridiculously oblivious and upbeat despite the carnage around him. There is a murdered man in front of him, and all he wants are onion rings. Heck, when a woman comes in complaining of her abusive boyfriend, and said boyfriend shows up, he does his best to defend the woman–only to get his ass-kicked in an awesomely slapstick routine. Luckily for Leon, the guy keels over and dies, as Leon says, “He kicked my ass to death.”

Concerned she may have killed someone, somehow, Evie goes to speak to Stan, who isn’t that interested in helping (too busy watching Rock Hudson). Instead, Denise, who is attacked by her precious crows, offers to help Evie stay awake–as that will probably help the whole ‘sleep murder’ thing. However, despite Denise’s (very poor) efforts, Evie falls asleep, and barely wakes up in time to keep Stan from being killed.

After some research, Evie finds out that the guy Leon killed had been dead for a month (seriously), and that the sheriff from the beginning? He loved a woman who was wearing the exact same ring Evie has now.

Come to find out, the lady at the store stole the ring–from the wife of the sheriff. She was the sheriff’s mistress, and had killed her lover. She made a pact with Constable Eccles that she could stay ‘young and beautiful’ until she married a sheriff, and is upset that Evie seems to disrespect the idea of marriage so much. The entire scene is hilarious, as the woman is so blase over the facts. We haven’t seen an evil witch be so open and honest yet, so it’s…refreshing? I genuinely love all the weird stories they come up with for the show.

The witch is determined to kill Evie, who seems to understand the curse, and convinces the woman to marry Leon–and the moment that happens, she turns into a monstrous witch (played by my friend Mick Ignis!). The Constable said she’d only stay ‘young and beautiful’ until she married, remember? Only bad part is she’s still able to attack Evie, but Stan shows up in time to kill the hag.

He might have been there faster, if it weren’t for all those darn crows in his car!


Hex Marks the Tot


This is an episode I’ve been waiting for: as you may have read, the sfx team teased the ‘big baby’ monster when we went on a set visit, and it didn’t disappoint. This episode has our plucky group confronting a baby named Aiden Brayden who seriously needs a time out.

This episode centers more on Denise, who is encouraged to become a babysitter by Evie after finding out she  likes Kevin (you know, the grave digger). She even gets Denise her first job…with Aiden Brayden’s ‘mom’, who is definitely trying to find someone to take her place.

We get to see Stan have another soft moment; he’s still missing his wife, and hasn’t given up looking for the man who might help him get her back. His musing on how to do this is stopped as Evie bursts into the house, so pleased over her ability to get Denise a job. Of course, Stan is annoyed because it means no one will be able to take care of him. Evie always tries to do good, but really, this is Stan we’re dealing with. He isn’t going to appreciate it.

Denise seems to be doing fine with our creepy demon baby–until Kevin shows up. The baby’s eyes go full black, and Kevin tries to warn Denise that the baby is bad news. He should know–he used to be an experiment for the government, and he’s seen bad people. Of course, during this talk he lets slip that he cares about Denise, and that’s all she really cares about. It’s a sweet and funny scene, and I love the chemistry between the two. Dana Gould continues to kill it as Kevin, and I’m glad to see him hanging around.

That baby knew that Kevin was onto him, and later that evening attacks him–but not as a baby-baby…but as a giant baby, who drags him off screen. (…some of the things I write for these reviews are truly ridiculous)

Eventually Kevin does reappear and reports the crime–but no one believes that it was Aiden Brayden until Denise explains that the baby never eats, but instead claws at her, never wanting to leave her side. They look it up in the book, and yep–energy sucking demon.

Realizing Kevin is in danger, they all go off to save him, and are eventually led into the giant-baby’s lair. This entire scene is great, with so many nods to other spooky films–the way that Kevin is swaddled to a wall, covered in mucus, is a direct nod to Aliens. Despite Aiden’s best attempts to thwart them (by showing him as those they love most), Evie manages to take the demon out, and its head explodes in a lovely fashion.

This was yet again another strong episode, and while they have been, for the most part, monster of the week fare, I’ve been really enjoying them. I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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