The Walking Dead, Episode 804 “Some Guy”


The Walking Dead


Episode 804: Some Guy


The episode begins as King Ezekiel prepares himself for the day. Kind of like a ‘day-in-the-life-of’ piece. Just as an actor prepares for a role, Ezekiel prepares for his leadership role as their king. We see the members of the Kingdom coming together; preparing themselves for battle. One mother is about to go out, takes flowers that her child gave her and put them in her arm guard. They all huddle together as King Ezekiel gives a very theatrical speech about not being afraid. He reminds them that their way of life is being threatened. “And yet, I smile,” he says. “We shall end them all.” The speech itself is very motivational. As the audience, it is the kind of speech the protagonist gives that you are sure will end in victory.

However, the very next scene shows the carnage that has just happened. The group has been massacred by the Saviors and the King himself is grasping for life as he lays underneath the bodies of his fallen Kingdom. Every single member has been killed. One by one each soldier begins to reanimate and Ezekiel is completely overwhelmed by grief and fear. He struggles with reality that his comrades are coming after him. He tries to use his weapon, but after it fires once, it is completely out of ammunition.


Surprisingly, there is still one member left and he comes to the king’s aid. His help is short-lived as a Savior (who looks a lot like Jim Carrey in glasses) shoots him dead. The Savior grabs King Ezekiel and they move toward the gates of the compound. What is really important about this scene is the fact that as they walk he tears down Ezekiel’s facade as ‘King’ and explains how they have all heard his story.  This begins an internal conflict within Ezekiel. His self-confidence is now gone and Ezekiel is feeling the consequences of past decisions.

Eventually they come to a gate locked by chains. The Savior grabs Ezekiel’s coat to try to climb over the barbed wire. He planned to leave him to the dead, much like Shane did to Otis. However, out of nowhere, the Savior is split down the middle vertically. It is very graphic, but very satisfying as we see Jerry come into the frame with his battle axe.  


Carol is in another part of the compound searching for the automatic guns that were just used to ambush The Kingdom. She is able to hide in the ceiling, shooting the men as they came by with the guns. Although she is able to kill them, others hear her shots and come running. They are able to secure the guns and take them out to the military vehicles to get them to the Sanctuary.


A shoot-out begins as Carol is trapped behind a vehicle. She doesn’t give up even when it looks like all is lost. Finally, she sees a way out the situation. She comes out; hands above her head saying that she will give them information. As they inch toward her, she grabs one of them and use him as a shield. They begin firing at her again and she quickly pushes the “gate 04” button which opens the gate that lets walkers in. As they begin feasting,


Carol finally has the upper-hand and corners the remaining two enemies. She has a chance to take them out and secure the guns. However, she hears shots, looks over and sees Jerry and Ezekiel fighting for their lives.


As Carol tries to decide what to do, she remembers a conversation that she and Ezekiel had. He told her, “When someone asks you to be the hero, you be the hero.” As Jerry kills the walkers, he attempts to use the axe to open the lock on the gate. Carol grabs the key ring from one of the dead Saviors, uses it to unlock the gate, and saves Ezekiel and Jerry. Ezekiel says that they need to get word to Rick that they are taking the guns to the sanctuary, but Carol hears Daryl’s bike in the distance. She says with a smile on her face, “They’re not getting them to the sanctuary.”

Rick and Daryl intercept the Saviors. A very awesome action scene takes place where they run them down using the jeep and bike. Rick is able to ‘Indiana Jones’ his way onto the military vehicle and ultimately crash it. They are successful in retrieving the guns.

Then we come to the pinnacle of the episode: Ezekiel is extremely hurt and wants them to leave him where he is. Jerry continuously calls him, “your majesty” and Ezekiel tells him not to call him that. They come to a ditch where there has been a toxic waste spill and several walkers are stuck in the muck, the chemicals causing sick-looking walkers. Eventually the guilt that Ezekiel has for the massacre of the Kingdom comes out. He lashes out at Jerry saying, “I’m not your king! I’m not your majesty! I’m just some guy!” He desperately wants them to leave him there. But then, out of nowhere, Shiva comes in to save him. Just as he chose to jump in and save her so many years ago, so she decided to jump to his rescue. She gave her life for his.

The three, alone, walk back into the Kingdom. Ezekiel doesn’t have the words to say, so he just walks off down the road.


Next week we will see what happens to Father Gabriel as he was locked in with Negan.

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