The Flash S4E5, Review – Girls Night Out

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With Barry and Iris’ wedding drawing closer, it’s time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties to commence. While the guys on Team Flash get to relax, the girls are the ones who must handle this week’s threat on their own.

Barry, Cisco, Harry, and Joe plan to have a quiet night at home watching home movies when Dibny steps in. He notes it’s a sad excuse for a bachelor party and drags them out to a strip club for a proper celebration. What it turns into is utter chaos, and the guys getting thrown in jail. There was plenty of fun for us, as we got drunk Barry cry over chicken wings and Titanic.

For once, the girls on Team Flash are the ones to take charge. Iris, Caitlin, Cecile and a surprise appearance by Felicity, enjoy a nice dinner together. While Iris has an equally dull bachelorette party, the change of pace is because of Caitlin. Up until now, where she’s been the past six months has been a mystery. Now we come to find she was playing henchmen to one of the hardest to find criminals: Amunet Black.

This woman is ruthless– if you do not follow her you’ll be killed, simple as that. Caitlin doesn’t want to return to help her, and neither does Frost, but they both believe she’s too strong for them to fight. This woman is a criminal who has been working underground and evading all police detection. Her latest scheme is a drug produced by a newly born Metahuman. It’ll make her a lot of money, and it’s time for Frost to step in.

Amunet Black is a Metahuman herself who has the power to control a specific type of metal. When she’s called up to serve Amunet Black, Frost rejects her and is nearly dragged into a fight before Iris breaks them up and pulls her home.

While Caitlin is in far more control of Frost than she has been in the past, she’s unaware of anything that happens when Frost is in control. It’s why she’s scared of her, but Caitlin doesn’t know that Frost hasn’t killed someone. It’s a fear she’s making up in her head. While Iris tries to calm her down and remind her she isn’t alone– she has friends amongst the team– Caitlin rebuffs it. After all, they’ve never hung out after work; they’re not close friends.

Iris takes that to heart and through her actions vows to change that. While the girls have been trying to contact the guys for help, not knowing how their night is going, they take things into their own hands. They map out a plan, locate Amunet Black, and are ready to give her a surprise fight. However, things don’t go quite as planned and they’re captured before they can even attack. Caitlin comes on the scene and quickly changes the tide as Frost. She proves, by outsmarting Amunet Black, she can defeat her.

The day is saved, but Iris’ pleads Frost to let Amunet Black go, and not live up to the name of Killer Frost. Caitlin is undoubtedly there within her as Amunet Black is free– the newly created Metahuman escapes in fear. The night wraps up with the guys and girls admitting their night was much more exciting than they expected it to be.

I welcome any episode that breaks up the traditional flow where a Metahuman is revealed and then the team takes them down. I’m heartbroken Wally wasn’t included in Barry’s bachelor party and hope he’s included in the wedding at the very least.

The build-up to The Thinker is going so slowly; often I forget he’s a threat.


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