#AmericanHorrorStory S7E10 Review: Charles (Manson) in Charge

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American Horror Story: Charles (Manson) in Charge

Original air date: November 7th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

I always try not to get too attached to any one character in AHS, because they most likely won’t make it out alive. Having said that—dammit I really want Ally to succeed with her revenge and live happily ever after with Oz. My fear is she is going to trust or confide in Beverly and that will be her downfall.

Again, I want to praise Adina Porter for her portrayal of Beverly. Everything about Beverly screams downtrodden—her walk, the slump in her shoulders, even her darting eyes. I could be wrong, maybe Beverly is the best actor of them all and is working towards her own agenda and just biding her time. Either way, I’m pretty sure she’s the one that told Kai of Winter’s plan to help her escape. If Ally tells her anything, Beverly will go straight to Kai and snitch.

Winter needed to have just left– I think her mistake was thinking Kai wouldn’t kill her. He killed Vincent, why not her? In her own way, she was just as sick as Kai—I think Ally nailed it on the head when she asked, “is anything ever your fault?” Winter was very good at hoisting accountability off and placing it on others. She did some messed up things for her brother and she was probably the one person that could have stopped all this from ever happening.

At least (for now) things are going well for Ally. She has Kai’s delusions trusting her, so there’s that. Winter told her feeding into his paranoia would come back on her, but I think she might be a little smarter than that. I think she is a quick study and is using every trick Kai used (maybe even better than Kai). The one twist I really didn’t see coming—that there really was a mole!

Kai was right to be paranoid. Ally knows this now, but has she known for a while? I also wonder how she is going to use this information. If she is working with a government agency maybe she has some immunity for her crimes. If she is working alone, she needs to turn Speedwagon in, or face some serious charges herself. Either way I would be surprised if he lives through the season finale.

Speaking of not making it to the season finale—Gary. Not that I was endeared to his character, but I wasn’t sure, at first, why Kai chose him. I think because Gary was his most loyal follower, Kai knew he would willing be killed for the higher purpose. I’m glad it was Gary over a bunch of pregnant women—that might have been too much even for AHS.

At least just because someone is dead this season, it doesn’t mean we won’t see them again. I love how Evan Peters has played different cult leaders, now including Charles Manson. How does one get their eyes to look so crazy? I mean Evan Peters is amazingly good at the ‘crazy eyes’. And this week we saw the return of Billy Eichner (Tex Watson) and Leslie Grossman (Patricia Krenwinkel), along with Cheyenne Jackson in some truly disturbing makeup. I do have to say, the FX and makeup department really need to be nominated for some awards, they have done amazing work.

This week we also saw the return of Bebe Babbitt; turns out, she was Kai’s Anger Management counselor. That is how they met and what started Kai on this path. She was going to use him to help rile up women and lead them in a violent overturn of the Patriarchy. Kai decided he had other ideas and believes only men can led. I think that will be his downfall. I think he doesn’t expect Ally to be able to outsmart him or fool him.  So basically, female equality is resting in the Hands of Ally (and possibly Beverly)—she better not disappoint.

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