#Lucifer Brings on the Bling, S3E6 Review: Vegas With Some Radish

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Lucifer: Vegas With Some Radish

Original air date: November 6th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Last season when we were first introduced to Candy Morningstar, I thought seeing how she and Lucifer met would be an entertaining stand-alone episode, and I was totally right. In the second of four stand-alones, we have Lucifer going back to Vegas to help Candy out of a tough spot and we get to see how they met. Also, we get further insight into Ella and her issues with Las Vegas.

We knew from last season when Lucifer found out Chloe was a miracle baby, he tucked wings and fled to Vegas. While there, we now learn, he met Candy at her late father’s club. When her father passed, he left her owing a lot of money to an unsavory character. The scene where Lucifer waits for Candy to reclaim the ring he stole from her was great. I loved how they ended up sharing wine and ice cream as he wallows in his despair over Chloe. The pink snuggy—perfect. It was then Lucifer’s plan to use Candy’s “bluffing” abilities to glean insight into his mother’s plans was hatched—Lucifer paid her bill and she posed as his wife.

Once again the club is threatened. This time it’s the bartender– and he was willing to kill for it. Lucky for Candy (not for her friend) the bartender killed the wrong woman, giving time for Lucifer and Ella to help catch him. (Is it just me, or does anyone else hope Ella got the number of the cute Vegas detective?) Following the trail of bodies first led them to Roxie (Lauren Holly); in their interaction with her we learn that Ella has been thrown out of multiple casinos for card counting. This little tidbit comes with the fact she did it to drown out the voices. I really want to know about that—are we talking about voices inside her head or other people’s voices? I am so excited to learn more.

In the end, catching the murderous bartender involved an elaborate musical number—which (just throwing it out there) should be the way every crime is solved on the show from now on.  It makes me positively giddy when there is a musical number on the show and (to me) we’ve been long overdue.  As not being a professional dancer, I think Ella did a great job with her high-kicks considering she was concealing a gun. Also, I love that Ella and Lucifer got to dress up—I don’t know, maybe it harkens to my dressing up Barbie Dolls, but I love when characters get to dress up and get their bling on.  

While Lucifer and Ella got to get fancy—Chloe, Dan and Dr. Linda got to get drunk. The other part of this episode involved Chloe’s birthday and the sting of Lucifer taking off to Vegas again. Even though she says she is past romantic feelings for Lucifer, she wanted him to be part of her celebration. As amazing as the pink snuggy was, Chloe and Linda drunk dialing Dan to help break into Lucifer’s safe was too funny. I loved how Dan just went with it and broke out the drill.

When Lucifer returns, he finds them passed out (love that Dan was wearing Linda’s glasses). Lucifer explains his feeling to Chloe (while he thought she was asleep) and says what she needed to hear. Turns out what was in the safe was Lucifer’s gift to Chloe—the bullet she shot him with turned into a necklace.  He presents it to her and we end on another sweet, endearing moment.

As for upcoming episodes, it looks like we get to meet The Sinnerman on December fourth. Kevin Carroll (The Leftovers) will be playing the big bad. I’m so excited to see how this plays out and if he has any other connections to our characters. I am curious, back in season one, Lucifer sang a cover of Nina Simon’s Sinnerman—is there a clue in this episode leading us to this season? Time for another rewatch.

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