The Flash S4E3, Review – Luck Be a Lady

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The search for Metahumans continues as the team is hit with an onslaught of bad luck. It’s not just the universe conjuring the bad vibes; it happens to be a Metahuman’s powers.

Becky may not be the most likable person, but you genuinely feel for her as we learn of her life before her powers. She has lived her life with the worst luck– anything that can go wrong will go even worse for her. So when her powers manifest, turning her life into an overnight success, who can blame her for taking advantage of it? The problem is, her good luck gives everyone around her bad luck.

Team Flash’s first encounter with her is during a bank robbery, where she happens to ruin everyone’s day as she takes all the cash she wants. Even Barry’s day is ruined as he trips on marbles when trying to capture her. It’s as funny as it sounds, and the bad luck that follows him after their encounter is more of the same. Well, Iris and Barry losing a wedding venue due to the gazebo going up in flames isn’t truly harmless luck, but no one was hurt. The team encounters similar lousy luck all around, including Wally who receives a breakup hologram from Jessie instead of an in-person visit. It’s delivered by Harry who has the worst bedside manner when trying to console him. It was awkward for Harry to be the messenger, but the least he could do is say he’s sorry.

Becky’s powers, for the most part, are harmless. It’s only when her luck grows does everyone else’s terrible luck increase, to the point they may be seriously injured. Barry tries to talk to her and explain this, but after living a life of bad luck, she doesn’t feel that sorry. The team believes all they have to do is place her in power dampening cuffs and everything will be fine.

That’s not so easy, as Barry botches Becky’s capture and ends up with the cuffs on his wrists instead. Becky hardly notices as she wins big at the casino. But as she wins everyone else’s bad luck increases. Central City’s bad luck gets so bad, the particle accelerator turns on! Thinking this will be another explosion, Cisco and Harry try to disarm it. It’s no use, and Harry encourages Cisco to let it go, believing it’ll work out. Lucky for them, he was right! Becky’s luck has run out, and a loss for her means everyone’s luck has returned. Her capture is relatively uneventful, as she’s one of the most harmless Metahuman’s they’ve encountered.

With Harry’s help, we learn exactly how these Metahumans were created. By Barry exiting the Speedforce, the portal had the same effect on these unsuspecting people as the particle accelerator did: thus the creation of the new Metahumans. This means whomever was behind the Samuroid who demanded Barry’s presence knew precisely what he was doing.

We’ve all seen The Thinker at work; he has been facilitating the Metahuman’s appearances to Team Flash to get them captured. It’s not known what he has against Barry, or what power he’s looking for, but his plan seems to be working out for him. Best of all, the team kept Samuroid’s helmet inside of the labs, which works as a spy camera for The Thinker. Not the smartest idea to keep a trophy, and while The Thinker is already ahead of them, now he can ensure his plan is progressing as expected.

While the episode kept the upbeat attitude we entered this season with, we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite Speedsters. After the breakup with Jessie, Wally needs a break from his superhero life and decides to leave Central City. I hate to see him go, and I can only hope it’s not for the rest of the season. The Team does get Harry back in his absence, who was also rejected by Jessie from being a part of her team on his Earth. I’d prefer to have them both, but I can’t be picky! At least we don’t have to meet a new Harrison Wells this season– that is the best news of all.

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