Lara Croft Receives Some Amazing Upgrades on Xbox One X release of Rise of the Tomb Raider!

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On November 7th, the Xbox One X will be launching, and with it, Square Enix’s Rise of the Tomb Raider will be getting some amazing enhancements. Already active on the PS4, Xbox users will finally be able to see some great new upgrades in visuals. At NYCC, I was lucky enough to preview the upgrades, and unlike some games that ‘upgrade’ their visuals, I can honestly say that Tomb Raider’s changes were noticeable and stunning. While most of the enhancements may seem ‘minor’, I found it added to the immersion; the way Lara’s hair moved, the way it looked when it was wet, the texture and threadcount (seriously!) on her clothing, and how it reacted to water and light–each helped add to the realism and draw me more into the game.

Along with an upgraded Lara Croft, her world has been improved as well; the foliage around her is more distinct and noticeable — and my personal favorite– the way that light interacts with everything is enhanced. Light filters through holes in the ceilings, reflects off water, and interacts with Lara in a more realistic manner than before.

There are also three visual modes that players can choose from, including:

  • Native 4K: (full 3840 by 2160) for highest fidelity resolution
  • Enriched Visuals for graphic upgrades, or
  • High Frame Rate

Other technical enhancements include: HDR display support for more vibrant and accurate color representation technology, spatial audio support, and improved anti-aliasing for immersive realistic details.

Players who have already purchased the game for Xbox One will be able to download and experience these unique features for free on Xbox One X.

Check out a video of the enhancements in action, here:

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