WNA talks to cast of Gotham at NYCC ’17!

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[Note: Due to some technical difficulties, these videos are up later than I intended. I apologize.]

WNA was lucky enough to interview the cast and producer of FOX’s Gotham at NYCC, just as season four is starting to ramp up. The cast discussed new teams that are forming, how the show is developing as the characters change and are ‘reborn’, and of some serious consequences that might be occurring for our dear young caped crusader.

Watch the videos and check it out!

Drew Powell (Butch), Cory Michael Smith (Riddler) & Morena Baccarin (Leslie)

Drew, Cory & Morena discuss what is in store for their characters in season 4, including the unlikely team up of the three! Also: how will the Riddler handle his loss of brain function?

David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Sean Pertwee (Alfred) & Chris Chalk (Lucius Fox)

David, Sean, and Chris talk about an impending rift coming between Bruce and Alfred in Season 4, the fun (and difficulties) of wearing the bat suit, and what new gadgets Lucius might be bringing on the scene!

Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) & Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon)

Donal and Ben discuss the rifts that are occurring in Season 4 of Gotham, the hypocrisy of Jim Gordon, and why Harvey Bullock is so important to have around.

Camren Bicondova (Selina), Jessica Lucas (Tabitha) & Erin Richards (Barbara)

Camren, Jessica, and Erin discuss what is in store for their characters in season 4, including finally bringing together the Gotham Sirens! They also discuss the growth their characters have had, and how it effects the people around them.

Danny Cannon (Producer) & Alexander Siddig (Ras al Ghul)

Alexander Siddig and Danny Cannon discuss the way resurrection is employed on Gotham, and what Ra’s al Ghul has in store for everyone in season 4.

Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot) & Crystal Reed (Sofia Falcone)

While we only got them for a brief moment, Robin Lord Taylor was able to discuss how Oswald is emotionally in season 4 of Gotham, and how he’s frozen up his emotions-but there might be someone who will be opening them: perhaps Sofia Falcone?

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