The Flash S4E2, Review – Mixed Signals

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I’ve always looked at the Flash as more of a comedic hero than a stoic one. Last season was mostly depressing due to Barry’s time travel blunders, but thankfully that didn’t carry over to this one. Despite fighting a Metahuman with a gruesome taste for death, this episode was notable humorous. It once again stands out from Arrow, which isn’t quite as light-hearted.

Team Flash is back together and ready to tackle the newest Metahuman. He’s got the power to control technology and goes by the name of Kilgore. He’s ruthless and has his sights set on his former coworkers, hoping to make them suffer for profiting off his idea developed in the past. Kilgrave is intelligent, and with his ability to control technology, tracking him down isn’t so easy.

Barry isn’t discouraged, in fact, he is ready to take out Kilgrave all on his own. He sees Central City’s protection as his job, even though Wally and Cisco have been keeping it safe while he was imprisoned. Barry’s unwillingness to not let the team help him not only rubs Wally and Cisco the wrong way, but Iris as well. Barry is working his hardest to keep things picture-perfect in his work and personal life, so he pays little attention to his friend’s irritation. While happy to have Barry back, their team can’t go back to the way it was pre-imprisonment.

Iris is trying to stay positive through the sudden changes; her life has done another 180 with Barry’s return. The two are not communicating as smoothly as they once were and it’s wearing her down. Caitlin sees the tension between Barry and Iris and suggests couples therapy for the two. At first, Iris brushes it off, but with Barry taking on tasks without consulting her, she quickly changes her mind.

After a brief introduction to their new therapist, they seem to be the perfect pair. The two have inside jokes; they’re laughing and read each other well. However, after further digging, Iris breaks down in anger over being left alone for six months. There was no choice for Barry, but that doesn’t mean Iris can’t feel angry about the situation. It’s a wake-up call for Barry– not everything can be perfect. There are still issues that have to be ironed out and not ignored.

Caitlin has gone through a lot of relationship drama over the years. She gives excellent advice not only to Iris, but Cisco as well. Ready to throw himself into Metahuman hunting, Cisco forgets about a date with Gypsy and doesn’t seem to really care. Instead of letting him get taken through the ringer later, Caitlin implores Cisco to talk with Gypsy and genuinely apologize rather than let it go. I hadn’t realized the two have gotten as close as interdimensional dating, but Gypsy is suddenly so soft and caring around Cisco, so something has undoubtedly developed between the two.

The relationship problems between both couples do not weigh the episode down at all. In between developing communication skills, the team grows closer to locating Kilgore. Joe and Wally lead the team in hunting down Kilgore down, giving us a much needed father-son team up. They can’t take him down solo, but they can prevent his victims from being tortured to death.

With technology surrounding them constantly, it seems impossible to stop a Metahuman like Kilgore, until Cisco and Caitlin come up with an injectable virus to put a stop to his wrath. It’s a lot harder than it sounds when wearing a technophile’s dream suit. Barry’s suit is taken over extremely easily by Kilgrave as he manipulates it to do as he wishes. He manages to torture Barry until the self-destruct failsafe has been activated. Probably not the best feature Cisco added, but luckily for Barry, Iris comes up with a plan to short out the suit and let Barry get control. Now that he has full control, Barry takes advantage of Kilgrave being distracted and injects him with the virus.

Barry saves the day, but even with Kilgrave in prison, it doesn’t truly feel like a win. We see behind the scenes, there is a man who was responsible for the Samuroid that plagued Central City pleased with Kilgrave’s imprisonment. It seems the particle accelerator explosion may not have been accountable for Kilgrave receiving his powers. We’re led to believe there are others like him, who received their Metahuman abilities differently as well. As long as Barry’s next suit isn’t so technology-heavy, I’m sure the team will handle the new breed of Metahumans just fine.

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